Grace Fox

Author: Grace Fox

grace_fox_web2 Class of 2014, Hometown: Evansville, IN

Undergrad: Washington University in St. Louis, Philosophy; London School of Economics: MSc Philosophy and Public Policy

Extracurricular Activities: Honor Council (2L Rep), International Human Rights Society, soccer and powderpuff intramurals

“When I was looking at law schools, the most important aspect to me was the sense of community within the law school- the atmosphere and relationships between the students and between the students and the faculty. The law school’s tagline, ‘Educating a Different Kind of Lawyer’, defines the community. What is appreciated most about Notre Dame is that our education is a collaborative effort, not only with the faculty but also with our fellow students. The students work together in and out of the classroom. All the professors are welcoming and engaging. They encourage you to come and talk with them outside of class (and actually mean it when they extend the invite). Notre Dame’s reputation as an institution that has held itself and its students accountable to a higher set of standards continues to be its strength. However, the best aspect of Notre Dame, in my optinion, is that the community atmosphere is not just contained within the law school. We’re part of a larger campus and get the benefits of being part of a vibrant university community whether it is through intramurals, Saturday football games or the greater South Bend area.”