Gameday for Heroes

Author: Susan Good

Gameday for Heros Frank Julian, ’99 JD is sponsoring a local Gameday for Heroes for the Notre Dame v. Air Force Game on October 8, 2011. He is looking for tickets to be donated or he will pay face value.

GAMEDAY FOR HEROES was founded in 2009 at Auburn University. An alumni organization there asked members to donate money to purchase tickets so that wounded veterans could attend a football game. Season ticket holders from across the nation started to hear about the event and unused tickets started to arrive. These unused tickets were distributed to active duty military and other wounded soldiers and Marines.

It wasn’t long before veterans were getting tickets to every Auburn game. The soldiers would tailgate and even be housed by alumni. Soon the not-for profit organization GAMEDAY FOR HEROES was created in order to organize events and send wounded and active duty military to college sporting events, focusing mainly on football, basketball and baseball.

In 2011, the organization has gone national. Sweeney Julian Trial Attorneys will be hosting a tailgate before the Notre Dame v. Air Force Game on October 8, 2011. The tailgate will begin at 10:00 AM and go until kickoff. We still need donations of tickets, because the number of veterans that can attend is only limited by the number of tickets that we can get. If you have extra tickets, please send them to Frank Julian at the address below. The tickets will go directly into the hands of a veteran who will be attending the game.

We hope the Notre Dame Nation steps up to show the Country how we do things!

GAMEDAY FOR HEROES is organized as a 501(c )3 corporation and donors are eligible to receive tax-deductions for their ticket and monetary donations in accordance with IRS Code Section 170. (See a tax professional for specific information.) If you send tickets, please provide enough information that we can properly credit you with a donation including name, address, telephone number etc. We will send out an acknowledgement letter sometime after October 8th, 2011.

Franklin D. Julian
1620 South Bend Avenue
South Bend, Indiana
Telephone: 574.247.1234
Facsimile: 574.271.1753