Dean Announces New Interdisciplinary Program on Law and Market Behavior

Author: Charles Williams

Under the direction of Professor Avishalom Tor, ND LAMB will promote research across the various fields that study how the law and legal institutions shape and are shaped by the market behaviors of individuals and firms. The research agenda examines issues across a number of legal fields—from corporate governance, antitrust, and intellectual property, through property and contract, to market regulation more generally—and draws extensively on relevant extra-legal research in psychology, economics, business, and beyond.

In making the announcement, Dean Nell Jessup Newton noted that the Law School and the University of Notre Dame’s Office of the Vice President for Research are jointly funding the program with a three-year grant.

This new program will facilitate new research and collaboration, both internally—among law faculty and scholars across the University—and externally—among ND LAMB and other leading research centers and programs around the world. By building on the existing strengths of both the University and NDLS and focusing on original legal scholarship that emphasizes observational and experimental empirical methods, ND LAMB’s work will seek to impact the way scholars and policymakers think about a range of legal and policy issues at the intersection of law and market behavior.

Professor Tor is internationally recognized as a behavioral law-and-economics scholar, working in the increasingly important area of law and market behavior. He was co-director of the Forum on Law and Markets at the University of Haifa Faculty of Law before joining NDLS in 2011. He is a board member of the European Association of Law and Economics as well as a number of international competition law institutes. His interdisciplinary work has been published in legal, decision making, psychological, and economic journals, and received extensive coverage from international media.