Confirming Your Enrollment

Author: Notre Dame Law School Admissions

It’s almost time to make your final decision regarding where you will spend the next three years! We know that this can be a stressful time, but we hope that it has been an exciting time too.

Either confirming or canceling your offer of admission to Notre Dame Law School is simple. Our initial deposit deadline for Regular Action admits is April 20. You can log in to our confirmation system via the form found at with your LSAC number and birthdate. The first question will be whether you plan to enroll at NDLS or not. If you answer “Yes,” you will be taken to a new page that walks you through the different options for paying your deposit (which I will discuss below). If you answer “No,” you will be taken to another page that will ask you for your plans for next year.

Although we would certainly like all of our admitted students to come to NDLS – that’s why we admitted you, after all! – we understand that we may not be the best choice for everyone. It is valuable for us to hear from those students who have made other enrollment plans because it allows us to be more responsive to our other admitted students regarding scholarships, as well as our waitlisted students regarding any possibility of gaining admission in the near future. We also appreciate hearing where you plan to attend law school (or your other plans if you have decided law school isn’t the right path for you).

If you do decide that NDLS is the right place for your legal education, you will continue on the website to submit an enrollment form and deposit. The enrollment form confirms your information and makes sure that we your most up-to-date contact information. After providing this information, you will be transferred to the deposit form. You can provide your initial deposit via either e-check, physical check, or wire transfer. E-check is the safest, quickest, and most reliable way to pay your deposit. Just be sure to have your checking account information (including routing and account numbers) handy prior to going to the deposit form. If you decide to send a physical check, please make sure to have your letter postmarked by April 15. Please note that we cannot accept credit cards for deposit payments.

We require two enrollment forms and two deposits – one of each by April 20 and June 1. Some students may choose to provide their entire deposit now. In those cases, we would just ask the student to provide the second enrollment form by June 1.

If our office offered you a scholarship, you hopefully noticed our request about not holding active seat deposits at multiple law schools in your scholarship letter. The reason we make this request is to be fair to all our admitted students who are being considered for financial assistance as well as to be as responsive as possible to the students on our waitlist. Please know that it is O.K. if you already provided a deposit to another law school and later changed your mind and decided to attend Notre Dame. Please just contact the other law school to let them know of your changed plans. You are also welcome to remain on the waitlist at another school if you provide your deposit to us at this time.

If you encounter any issues during the confirmation process, please email our office at

Good luck with your decision! Let our office know if we can give you any further information to help you determine if Notre Dame Law is the proper fit for you. We look forward to hearing from you by April 20 at