ND Law's Class of 2019 ranked 7th in nation for federal clerkship placements

Author: Notre Dame Law School


Notre Dame Law School’s Class of 2019 ranked 7th in the nation for federal clerkship placements, according to American Bar Association data reported by Law.com.

Notre Dame Law School had 193 graduates in 2019, and 23 of those graduates were placed in federal clerkships. That equals nearly 12% of the class.

Law.com also ranked law schools according to the percentage of 2019 graduates who landed what the publication called "elite jobs" — defined as federal clerkships and positions with large law firms of 100 or more attorneys.

Notre Dame Law School ranked 16th on the list of law schools that sent graduates into elite jobs. More than 53% of the Law School's 2019 graduates obtained an elite job, as defined by the publication.

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