Bridget Nugent

Author: Bridget Nugent

Bridget Nugent Class of 2013, Home town: NY


“I feel uniquely qualified to describe the community of ND in general; although I attended Georgetown University for my bachelor’s, I have had the opportunity to work as an Assistant Rector in a campus dorm during the last two years law school. As a result, I have had the chance to experience some of the more delightful parts of the undergraduate community—the intense devotion to the school, the comradeship surrounding the athletics program, and the authentic, pervasive sense of spirituality. Across campus, incredible men and women devote themselves to the mission of Holy Cross, serving as citizens “with hope to bring”. Largely due to their influence, I have experienced significant moments of self-growth throughout these past three years. The spirit of the community at NDLS is an extension of that at large—its offers opportunities to bolster one’s sense of purpose, one’s perspective, and allows one to develop a personal jurisprudence in the process of your legal education. The opportunity to complement one’s sense of the rule of law with the lessons inherent to the theological disciplines is a unique element of the legal education at Notre Dame. While one can avoid entirely any interaction with Notre Dame’s faith community, NDLS provides many events in which one can interact with its faith elements. Ultimately, if you want a premier legal education that will offer opportunities for illuminating discernment, or an engagement with questions of ethics and creed, there is no parallel to NDLS."