Brian M. Murray ’11 J.D. Receives Teaching Fellowship

Author: Charles Williams


Brian M. Murray ’11 J.D. has accepted an Abraham L. Freedman Teaching Fellowship at Temple University’s Beasley School of Law.

Attorneys admitted to the Freedman Fellow program receive an annual stipend and earn an LLM. Fellows gain extensive practice in law school teaching and receive support to help them produce quality scholarship during their residence.

When his fellowship begins on August 1, 2014, Murray will begin teaching one section of Legal Writing/Research for three semesters, collaborating with full-time faculty to assist with teaching substantive courses, and pursuing his own scholarly interests. Murray’s current areas of interest are Employment Law, Criminal Law and Constitutional Criminal Procedure, the First Amendment, Professional Responsibility, and Sports Law. He is also interested in exploring the intersection of employment law and criminal law as it relates to his prior practice as a legal aid attorney and public defender.