Becoming a Different Kind of Professional

Author: Lauren Love

Are you interested in public interest and government law? Obtaining an externship? A career in Chicago? And finding success on you professional career path?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to check out the Career Development Office’s new blog called “Becoming a Different Kind of Professional.” The blog offers content on a variety of topics geared toward students in all phases of their legal education. There are already many posts for you to enjoy. The tone of the blog is informative, fun, and accessible.

The blog is written by Katelynn McBride, Program Director for Public Interest and Chicago Initiatives. McBride is based full-time in Notre Dame’s Chicago office where she manages employer outreach efforts and coordinates site visits for the Chicago externship program. In addition to conducting virtual counseling sessions, she also periodically returns to campus to conduct in-person meetings.

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