Ashley Wood

Author: Ashley Wood

ashley_wood_web Class of 2014, hometown: Lake Forest, IL

Undergrad: B.S. Political Science, B.S. in Psychology, Vanderbilt University

Work Experience: Client Sales and Service Officer U.S. Trust, Bank of American Private Wealth Management

NDLS Extracurricular Activities: Student Bar Association IL rep, Student Bar Association 2L Rep, GALILEE Chicago Participant, Mentor Phi Alpha Delta, Admissions Office Ambassador

“Having worked in finance for several years after my undergraduate career, deciding to go back to school was a difficult decision for me. It was not until I visited Notre Dame for Admitted Students Weekend that I made up my mind that I wanted to go to law school, and more specifically that I needed to attend NDLS. The moment I stepped on campus I felt that camaraderie that I had heard so much about, and after attending I know it to be a genuine element of law school. The faculty obviously care about the student body and make an effort to get to know that students. Even in large classes the professors almost always know every student. The NDLS community also has a nice balance between work and play; there are copious opportunities to get involved in extra-curricular activities, clubs, and service. Don’t be fooled- law school is hard and it requires a lot of work and even more of your time, but being a “different kind of lawyer” means doing more than spending time in class and in the library and that is something highly encouraged here. Finally, the connection students feel while attending Notre Dame does not end at graduation. The alumni community remains extremely connected and helpful to the current students. They are one of the most valuable resources available when finding jobs all over the country and are eager to assist students from their Alma Mater. I couldn’t be happier with my time at Notre Dame and am looking forward to the rest of my law school career under the dome.”