ND LAMB's 9th Law and Economics Conference in Lucerne: Law and Economics of Regulation

Location: University of Lucerne

The 9th Law and Economics Conference in Lucerne: Law and Economics of Regulation will be held on March 27-28 at the University of Lucerne. The annual conference is organized by Professor Avishalom Tor, director, Research Program on Law and Market Behavior (ND LAMB), and co-sponsored by ND LAMB.

G. Marcus Cole, Joseph A. Matson Dean of Notre Dame Law School, will give the keynote address “The Law and Economics of Regulating Regulators.” 

Professor Avishalom Tor, Notre Dame Law School, will present “Regulating Preferences?” during one of the panel discussions.

Regulation today has grown into one of the main determinants of the modern economy. Financial service providers, pharmaceutical companies, automotive manufacturers, food and beverage producers, travel agencies, social media platforms — virtually every sector is subject to specific rules and standards in addition to general laws and regulations applicable across industries. The typical rationale justifying regulatory intervention consists of promoting the public interest. Fixing markets that lack competition, balancing information asymmetries, internalizing externalities, mitigating systemic risk, or protecting consumers from irrational behavior are frequently invoked to complement the invisible hand of the market with the visible hand of the state.

This conference aims to explore these and related timely issues in the regulation of various economic sectors, theoretically and empirically, from both the neoclassical and the behavioral economics approaches to regulation.

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Originally published at lamb.nd.edu.