Algorithmic Bias: Sources and Responses 


Location: Patrick F. McCartan Courtroom, Eck Hall of Law (View on

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Featuring a keynote by Big Data Scientist and New York Times Bestselling Author

Cathy O’Neil

“Algorithms: for whom do they fail?”

Plus panels featuring:

  • Kevin Bowyer, Schubmehl-Prein Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Notre Dame
  • Ryan Hagemann, Co-Director at IBM Policy Lab
  • Shaun Barry, Global Leader for Government, Healthcare, and Utilities at SAS
  • Kirsten Martin, Linder Gambal Professor of Business Ethics at George Washington University School of Business
  • Genevieve Fried, Technology Fellow at AI Now
  • Sara Jordan, Policy Council at Future of Privacy Forum
  • with more to be announced soon

This event will explore questions such as:

  • What do we mean by “bias” in the context of algorithms?
  • What are the sources of that bias? 
  • In what contexts does bias manifest, and what are the associated harms? 
  • What technological, institutional, and policy responses best address the various sources of bias? 


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