NDLS to Host Junior Patent Roundtable

Location: Notre Dame Law School

NDLS will host a Junior Patent Roundtable on April 1 at Notre Dame Law School . The roundtable will include four sessions, each devoted to one of the junior papers with commentary and discussion to follow. 

Papers and presenters include:

Saurabh Vishnubhakat, The Field of Invention
Commentators:  Chris Cotropia and Melissa Wasserman

Steve Yelderman, Do Patent Challenges Increase Competition?
Commentators:  Colleen Chien and Tom Cotter

Lisa Ouellette, A Market Test for Bayh-Dole Patents
Commentators:  Jeanne Fromer and Jonathan Masur

Dmitry Karshtedt, Causal Responsibility and Patent Infringement
Commentators:  Dan Burk and Tim Holbrook