Google Search: Antitrust and IP Perspectives


Location: Room 2130

lawmarketbehaviorconferenceposter_google2013 On January 3, the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) concluded its wide-ranging investigation of allegedly anticompetitive conduct by Google. While a number of other commitments were extracted from Google, the allegations of search bias that initially animated the investigation were not proven, and the FTC even found that some of the investigated conduct may have been procompetitive. In Europe, on the other hand, an investigation into allegations of Google’s search bias and other abusive practices is ongoing.

To examine the important and timely issues surrounding Google Search, ND LAMB is convening a
panel of legal scholars with expertise in antitrust and intellectual property, who will discuss and
debate the merits and demerits of the allegations against Google, the FTC’s decision, and the search
company’s relevant conduct more generally.

Panel Chair: Avishalom Tor, Professor of Law, Notre Dame Law School

• Daniel Crane, Frederick Paul Furth Sr. Professor of Law, University of Michigan Law School
• Geoffrey A. Manne, Executive Director, International Center for Law and Economics
• Spencer Weber Waller, Professor of Law and Director, Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies
• Mark McKenna, Professor of Law, Notre Dame Law School