Job Search Resources


Job Search Resources

Notre Dame law students have access to a number of databases that should prove helpful in their search for a job (summer or post-graduation). Below are links to brief slide shows that illustrate sample searches, search tips, and sample results from various of these databases.

The databases included are:

Martindale-Hubbell on Lexis
A directory of attorneys across the United States. Learn how to limit your results to NDLS grads and to search by practice area, firm size, city, etc. Use either the special Martindale-Hubbell search template or the regular Lexis search interface.

West’s Legal Directory
Another directory of attorneys, this one divided into separate databases for firm attorneys, corporate lawyers, judges, and government attorneys. Learn to search for NDLS grads and to search by practice area, firm size, city, etc.

Almanac of the Federal Judiciary
Applying for federal judicial clerkships? This database is great source for biographical info. Search for NDLS grads, by jurisdiction, etc.

NALP Directory of Legal Employers
More than 1800 employers – all definitely hiring law students. Search by practice area, geographic area, by organizations that hire 1Ls or LLMs, and more. Create comparison charts and mail merge lists.

Westlaw’s Law Student Jobs Online
Consists of four component databases:

  • Law firm summer associate positions
  • Internships and summer jobs for law students in government, public interest, courts
  • Online system for judicial clerkship applications
  • Application forms for various federal and state law student positions

More database descriptions to come!

Questions about searching? Talk to Career Services or see a reference librarian.