Library Guide


Library Guide

Download the pdf version of the Library Guide.

Borrowing Privileges
Law students and other members of the Notre Dame and South Bend communities may, with proper identification, borrow library materials for a specified time. To determine if an item circulates, check with a Circulation Desk attendant. All items checked out are subject to recall if needed by another user or for course reserve.

Carrel Reservations
The following students are eligible for a carrel: LLM/JSD students, law journal students, research assistants, the International Moot Court team, the Appellate Moot Court team, and the AAJ/Barristers trial teams. First-year students are not eligible for carrels. For details, stop by the Research Services Assistant’s office, Room 2301.

Encore is the online catalog for the law library. Designated workstations for access to Encore are located on Level 2, 1, and the Lower Level. The KF collection (American law) begins on Level 3 and continues down to Level 1. Books on subjects other than American law have call numbers from A-Z (excluding KF) and are located on the Lower Level. To search other campus libraries, see the Hesburgh Libraries.

Copying and Scanning
The photocopier on Level 2 can also scan to e-mail. Students may pay for photocopies with Domer Dollars added to their ID. (Go to to add more Domer Dollars.) Scanning is free. An overhead scanner for books and other documents is located in Room 2317. Files from the scanner can be e-mailed or saved to a flash drive. Visitors should see a Circulation Desk attendant for photocopying/scanning assistance.

The law library has an assortment of DVDs related to legal education, as well as a collection of popular movies with legal themes. Use Encore to find these holdings, then ask a Circulation Desk attendant to obtain specific titles.

There are three elevators for those using the library. Press “2” on Elevator B adjacent to the Biolchini Hall of Law Chapel to arrive at the library entrance. Use Elevator C next to the Circulation Desk or Elevator D at the north end of each library floor (near the men’s restroom) to move from floor to floor.

Food and Drink
Generally, food is not allowed in the library; however, light, pre-packaged snacks that are not damaging to the collection or distracting to others are permitted. Beverages in bottles that can be re-closed (screw-top) or other containers with lids are permitted.

Government Documents
Since 1986 the law library has been a selective depository for United States government documents. These items, found through Encore, are available to the public.

Interlibrary Loan
Law faculty and students may borrow materials not available in the law library or the Hesburgh Libraries through interlibrary loan using the ILLiad borrowing system available on the library’s Web page.

Library Etiquette
The law library is for serious research and study. Please refrain from loud conversation and other inappropriate behavior. Non-law students may not use the library as a study hall. Anyone violating library policies may be ejected.

Lost and Found
See the Circulation Desk for lost and found materials.

The microfiche/microfilm materials and reader/printers are located east of the Main Reading Room on Level 2 and at the southeast corner of the Lower Level.

All-day visitor parking is available at the corner of North Eddy Street and Holy Cross Drive for $2.

Help maintain a quiet atmosphere by silencing your cell phone when entering the library. Please do not talk on your phone in the library. You may not receive or place personal phone calls on library phones.

Restrooms are located at the north end of each floor.

Reserve Material
Materials on reserve may be requested at the Circulation Desk and checked out for two hours, overnight, or seven days. ND law students may find selected prior exams at both the Circulation Desk and on the law library website.

Student Computing
The Law School computing areas, available only to ND law students, include the Computer Lab and the Instruction Lab located on Level 3. They are equipped with 30 PCs and three Macs sharing three laser printers. A wireless network is available throughout the library. The LexisNexis printer is also in this area.

Study Rooms
ND law students and faculty may reserve one of these 26 rooms for four-hour blocks of time. Sign up at the law library website or at the Circulation Desk.

Suggestions and Comments
We welcome your views about the library. Please address your comments or concerns to any staff member.

Do not leave valuables unattended. Immediately report theft to University Security/ Police (631-5555) or the Circulation Desk (631-7024).