Saura Masconale

Visiting Professor

Office: 2154 Eck Hall of Law
Phone: 631-3875
Staff Assistant: Tracy Zielke

Saura Masconale’s research interests encompass law and social problems and corporate governance. In particular, she is interested in understanding how the patterns of growth and inequality are correlated with the development of fundamental legal institutions such as the law of contract and business organizations. In earlier scholarship, she has defended the normative desirability of a model of the corporation with strong boards as a superior means to pursue long-term value creation, in the interest of shareholders and society as a whole. Her most recent work expands the analysis of the board-shareholder relationship by focusing on the social welfare implications and distributive concerns of executive compensation. Masconale holds a doctoral degree in law and economics from LUISS Guido Carli University (Rome) and a J.D. from University of Bologna. Before entering into academia, she practiced law at Clifford Chance LLC.