Loan Repayment Assistance

Notre Dame Law School is proud to have a generous Loan Repayment Assistance Program to help J.D. graduates who are beginning legal careers in public interest and public service.

LRAP is designed to ensure that J.D. graduates with law school loans are financially able to work in the nonprofit sector, government, policy advocacy, human rights, and other fields where lawyers make valuable contributions but are often paid lower salaries. Notre Dame has a history of encouraging its graduates to use their education for the public good – it’s a responsibility that flows directly from the University’s Catholic mission.

Under LRAP, the Law School loans its J.D. graduates money to help them repay qualifying educational loans from law school. LRAP then forgives those loans over a period of time. Since the Law School created the program in 2001, it has disbursed more than $1.7 million to graduates who have worked in a wide variety public interest and public service positions in the United States and abroad.

2018 Loan Repayment Assistance Program

The Law School recently reviewed LRAP to make the program more generous, effective, simple, and transparent for participants.

Read the 2018 LRAP program description.

The revised program will be effective January 1, 2018.

Highlights of the revised program include:

  • Simpler eligibility criteria: Eligibility will be based on graduates’ gross annual income from their public interest or public service jobs, with adjustments only for children and other educational loan payments. The program will no longer consider assets, spousal income, or other income. The program also will not factor in other adjustments such as premiums for health and retirement benefits.
  • Increase in qualifying salaries: The program will provide full coverage of loan payments for graduates earning up to $55,000 at their primary public interest or public service position. Graduates with adjusted salaries between $55,000 and $70,000 will be expected to contribute a portion of their loan payments based on a sliding scale.
  • No mid-year adjustments for raises of 5% or less: If a graduate receives a mid-year raise of 5% or less, that raise will not affect the benefits for which the graduate is eligible during that same year. The increased salary will affect only the following year’s benefit calculation.
  • Coverage of loans for transfer students: The program will now cover law school loans incurred by transfer students during their first year at their original law schools.

LRAP application

Applications are due, as in past years, on November 1. However, this year they may be submitted electronically (via email or fax) or mailed as hard copy.


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