On-Campus Interviews

We invite you to participate in our on-campus interviews and see why Notre Dame students excel in their legal training and stand out with their leadership and service. Each fall, employers have the opportunity to conduct on-campus interviews with second- and third-year students interested in serving as summer associates or in entry-level positions. In the spring, this program is expanded to include first-year students interested in summer associate or internship positions.

In 2018, our fall on-campus interview season will begin Monday, August 6 and continue through the end of November. Registration is now open for Early Interview Week (August 6-10). You may register directly through Symplicity or by completing our registration form

Why recruit at Notre Dame Law School?
Of course, our talented students are worth the trip. But in addition, we make visiting as easy as possible.

- We charge no fees to visit campus. It’s free!
- We create custom schedules for every employer, every time. We are happy to accommodate specific start and end times or necessary breaks throughout the day.
- We afford 70% pre-selection of candidates for the interview schedule. The remaining 30% is filled through a lottery process of qualifying bids. All lottery bids are screened for eligibility, and only those that meet stated requirements enter the lottery process.
- All interviews take place at the beautiful law school right in the heart of University of Notre Dame’s campus.

For more information, download our OCI Employer Overview.

Need more convincing? To discuss OCI or other recruiting options, please contact our Recruiting Program Manager, Ali Wruble, at or 574-631-7398.

If you are unable to come to campus to meet our students in person, we would be happy to collect resumes for your review. Please complete our resume collection request. You may email the completed form to our Recruiting Program Manager at or fax it to 574-631-4789.

Video Interviews

We have a dedicated student video interview facility. If you are interested in arranging video interviews, we are happy to accommodate you. Please feel free to contact Heidi Baguer at for more information and scheduling options.

New York Off-Campus Interview Program

Each year, Notre Dame Law School hosts an off-campus interview program in New York City, a market that consistently attracts a high number of our students. Participating employers interview pre-screened second- and third-year law students committed to the New York legal market at a convenient local site requiring minimal travel time and expense. There is no registration fee for students or employers.

Our 2018 program will be held on Monday, July 30 and Tuesday, July 31. Registration is now open! You may register directly through Symplicity or by contacting Ali Wruble via email at

If you have any questions or want to discuss specifics, please contact Ali at

Dallas Off-Campus Interview Program

We are thrilled to announce that our newest off-campus interview program in Dallas, Texas will continue! Participating employers can collect resumes and/or interview 2L and 3L candidates with a 100% pre-selected schedule. There is no registration fee for students or employers.

Our 2018 program will be held in late July with the exact date to be announced soon. Registration is now open! You may register directly through Symplicity or by contacting Ali Wruble via email at

If you have any questions or want to discuss specifics, please contact Ali at

The Law Consortium – Expanded Off-Campus Interview Programs

Notre Dame Law School is a proud member of The Law Consortium. Since 1995, The Law Consortium, which is a group of national, top-ranked law schools, have joined forces to bring outstanding students together with interested legal employers in major markets across the country. The Consortium provides legal employers the unique opportunity to recruit students from multiple law schools at one time and in one location.

  • Boston College Law School
  • Boston University Law School
  • The George Washington University Law School
  • Northwestern University School of Law
  • Notre Dame Law School
  • The University of Texas School of Law

Each year, thousands of second-year and third-year law students from our schools have the opportunity to submit resumes to participating employers for clerkships, internships and permanent positions. Legal employers have the opportunity to prescreen students with a strong interest in their geographic area and bring students directly to them, making these interview programs an effective avenue to recruit top law students.

In 2018, Notre Dame Law School will participate in several recruiting programs with The Law Consortium:

This year, the Law Consortium will add two new resume collections in Atlanta and Houston. Details coming soon!

More detailed information about each specific program, including exact location information and important deadlines, is available at The Law Consortium website or by clicking on each city name above.

For any and all questions, please contact Ali Wruble, Recruiting Program Manager, at


Employers are permitted to specify either required or preferred hiring criteria for interview candidates. When visiting campus, Notre Dame Law School permits employers to fill 70% of their interview slots with students they have selected. Once employers have made their pre-selections, the remaining 30% of the interview slots are filled by a lottery process from the pool of submitted student bids, consistent with any specified hiring requirements.

Notre Dame Law School does not rank its students and maintains a very rigorous grading system. Employers are strongly encouraged to acquaint themselves with the Law School’s grading policy prior to specifying any hiring criteria. We are happy to answer any questions relating to the policy.

Recruiting Fees – Supporting Public Interest Work

There are no fees attached to recruiting at Notre Dame. We do, however, ask that private employers participating in our recruiting programs consider a voluntary $250 donation to our summer stipend program. 100 percent of employer gifts are used to fund this program, which provides stipends to those students who have accepted unpaid summer internships with public interest employers. Each summer, this program supports legal services to those most in need of the energy, dedication, and talent of Notre Dame Law School students. Additionally, a full 100 percent of this donation is tax-deductible. When participants register for our recruiting programs, they receive additional information about this voluntary gift.