ND Lawyer Committee Toolkit

A guide for Notre Dame Lawyers in forming ND Lawyer Committees

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Table of Contents

Mission Statement
Mission Statements/Initiatives/Goals
Coordination and Support from NDLA
Coordinating with your local Notre Dame Club
Financing your ND Lawyer Committee
Communication with ND Lawyers in your area
Obtaining Administrative Rights To myNotreDame
Obtain Approval
Live or Recorded Training Sessions
Training Checklist
Statement of Responsibility
Student Data Access
Event Admin, Membership Admin and Forms Admins Rights and Credit Card Account
Additional Tools to Recruit Notre Dame Lawyers
Contact ND Lawyer Committee Leaders
Recommended ND Lawyer Committee Activities

Mission Statement:

The ND Lawyer Committees have a dual purpose of (i) providing local support for all ND alums who are in the legal profession and (ii) providing an organized and accessible legal network for ND Law students and alums for networking, programming, employment opportunities and support.

Click below on examples of By-Laws/Charter prepared by ND Lawyer Committees:

  • Cleveland By-Laws – doc pdf
  • Cincinnati Charter – doc pdf
  • Indianapolis Charter – pdf
  • New York City By-Laws – doc pdf
  • Detroit Club Charter – doc pdf

Mission Statements/Initiatives/Goals:
Click below on examples of Mission Statements/Initiatives/Goals outlined by ND Lawyer Committees:

  • Indianapolis Initiative – pdf
  • Cleveland Mission Statement – pdf
  • NDL-NYC Goals – doc pdf

Coordination and Support from NDLA

As the community of those in the legal profession who are bound together in their experience of Notre Dame, Notre Dame Law Association membership is open to all graduates of Notre Dame Law School, and those other members of the legal profession who are graduates of the University of Notre Dame but who received their law degree elsewhere, but whose experiences at Notre Dame inform and guide their participation in the legal profession. To further the NDLA mission of coordination and support for those who self-identify as “Notre Dame Lawyer,” the NDLA has instituted the effort now known as the local “ND Lawyer Committees.”

Like the ND Alumni Association Board, the NDLA Board is composed of directors representing 18 distinct geographic regions. Thus, each “local” ND Lawyer Committee will have as a direct, personal resource, the NDLA Director in whose region the local committee lies. The Regional Director will be the principal interface between the local committee and the NDLA: the director will be able to provide support and direction the founders / leaders of the local ND Lawyer Committee and the local ND Lawyer Committee will report periodically to the NDLA Regional Director on the efforts and events undertaken at the local level. And while each local ND Lawyer Committee will be free to develop and implement those programs and events which make sense for its locality, it is hoped that local efforts will be consistent with and supportive of the twin goals in the above Mission Statement: (i) provide support to local ND alums in the legal profession, and (ii) provide a community of ND legal professionals to be accessed by ND law students and alums for networking, programming, mentoring, and employment opportunities.

In addition to the NDLA Regional Directors, a secondary resource for the local committee will be the NDLS Law Alumni Program Manager (Tammye Radke Raster) who will put committees in touch with their applicable NDLA Regional Director, provide on-going support and materials (like this ND Lawyer Committee Toolkit) for the formation of local ND Lawyer Committees, and answer questions and provide ideas for events and activities which further the mission. Here is the link to the NDLA Board web page with contact information for Regional Directors. Here is the email address for the NDLS Law Alumni Program Manager: traster@nd.edu.

Coordinating with your local Notre Dame Club

The Notre Dame Alumni Association (NDAA) maintains and supports an international network of geographically “local” Notre Dame clubs consisting of alumni, parents and friends of Notre Dame (Notre Dame Club). The amount with which and the extent to which you collaborate with your existing Notre Dame Club depends largely on the size and regional character of your lawyer constituency. We have successful ND Lawyer Committees that are engrained as an integral part of the existing Notre Dame Club (ex. Phoenix), similarly successful Committees that are completely independent (ex. NYC) and everything in between, such as the ND Lawyer Committee being a subcommittee of the existing Notre Dame Club with a separate line item in the larger club’s budget (ex. Cincinnati).

As a general rule, the smaller your constituency, the more you will likely want to collaborate with the existing Notre Dame Club. The NDAA Board of Directors has announced this NDLA initiative to its membership and suggested that the establishment of a ND Lawyer Committee under their umbrella is an asset for Notre Dame Clubs. Accordingly, you should receive little to no push back from your local Notre Dame Club to the establishment of a ND Lawyer Committee. One of the big selling points is that you may interest and engage alums that may not have otherwise participated in the existing Notre Dame Clubs.

The benefits of collaborating with your existing Notre Dame Club include:

  1. Support from the existing administrative structure (budget/accounting, communications, advertisements, list serves, membership, etc.);
  2. opportunity for joint programming;
  3. financing opportunities.

**See the example of the Cleveland ND Lawyer Committee and its coordination with the Notre Dame Club of Cleveland

To find your local Notre Dame Club, click here.

Financing your ND Lawyer Committee

This is where lawyers have to think like entrepreneurs! There is no existing budget for the establishment of ND Lawyer Committees, however, successful Committees have found seed money and financing opportunities in a number of different ways. They include:

  1. Investment for initial event from your local Notre Dame Club followed by revenue generating events such as CLEs;
  2. Seed money through solicitation of local ND Lawyers as individuals and through his/her law firm or corporation;
  3. Sponsorships of events from any person or organization who would like access to a captive group of lawyers;
  4. Coordination with the ND Law School development office (Order of St. Thomas More) which regularly holds events in various cities. For example, the ND Lawyer Committee of NYC used the Order of St. Thomas More event in NYC as the kick-off event for its Committee. Please contact Patti McLaughlin at patricia.m.mclaughlin.67@nd.edu or Tammye Raster at traster@nd.edu.

Communication with ND Lawyers in your area

Existing Notre Dame Clubs have administrators within the clubs who utilize the Notre Dame Alumni Association’s web-based communication tool myNotreDame, the online platform of University Relations, to send out communications with alumni within the geographic area of that existing club, hereinafter referred to as their “community”. (A community in myNotreDame is built for each Notre Dame Club based upon the Club’s geographic parameters, e.g., the ND Club of Cincinnati.) If an ND Lawyer Committee chooses to organize under the umbrella of the larger Notre Dame Club, the ND Lawyer Committee could utilize the administrator of the Notre Dame Club to send out its communications. This administrator would send communications via email to two defined Roles in myNotreDame: NDLS graduates and ND undergraduates with law degrees elsewhere, hereinafter referred to as, “Notre Dame Lawyers” within that Notre Dame Club’s community.

If however, an ND Lawyer Committee chooses to act independently of the existing Notre Dame Club for communication purposes, the leadership in the ND Lawyer Committee has two options for communicating with Notre Dame Lawyers. The first option is to utilize a tool in myNotreDame called a broadcast email. A broadcast email is defined as any message or group of messages intended to be communicated to an audience greater than 100 recipients. The content of the email may vary from information about ongoing activity within the Committee to an invitation to an event. Any alumni may send out a broadcast email by filling out and submitting the Broadcast Email Request Form at least 10 business days before the targeted distribution date of the communication. To receive step by step instructions on how to create a broadcast email, go to myNotreDame – Broadcast Email Request. (The benefit of a broadcast email as a communication tool is that it allows an ND Lawyer Committee to “cast a wide net” in search of Notre Dame Lawyers in more than one Notre Dame Club. A broadcast email request may be designed to target Notre Dame Lawyers located within designated cities or zip codes instead of simply searching for them by existing Notre Dame Clubs.)

The second option for an ND Lawyer Committee to communicate with Notre Dame Lawyers is for its leadership to take steps to acquire its own administrative rights from the Notre Dame Alumni Association. These administrative rights would allow the ND Lawyer Committee to utilize the same communication tools available to all Notre Dame Clubs in myNotreDame. An ND Lawyer Committee, with its own administrator, would have the ability to send out communications through myNotreDame and create emails through a system called i-Modules. If the ND Lawyer Committee received its own administrative rights, it could send out communications, advertisements for events, etc. to Notre Dame Lawyers within the Committee’s defined community at any time without going through the review process for a Broadcast Email Request.

In order to acquire these administrative rights, the leader of the ND Lawyer Committee must first contact the president of the Notre Dame Club in its region and request approval of the ND Lawyer Committee’s application for administrative rights. Once the request is approved by the president of the Notre Dame Club, the ND Lawyer Committee would designate one of its members, hereinafter referred to as a “representative”, that would be required to take the steps outlined below to obtain administrative rights to myNotreDame.

The majority of ND Lawyer Committees will have no issue with this step. However, if your ND Lawyer Committee is a group, like NDL-NYC where its alumni base includes Notre Dame Lawyers in more than one community, meaning more than one Notre Dame Club, then the ND Lawyer Committee must get the approval to apply for administrative rights from the President of each affected Notre Dame Club. In a situation like New York City where the ND Lawyer Committee’s potential membership includes Notre Dame Lawyers located in many Notre Dame Clubs, it may make sense to send an initial Broadcast Email Request addressing Notre Dame Lawyers within specified cities and/or zip codes. By way of this initial contact, the ND Lawyer Committee could create and maintain a list of Notre Dame Lawyers in the New York area. Following this initial communication, the ND Lawyer Committee could request administrative rights from one or more of the Notre Dame Clubs in the New York area. Upon receipt of administrative rights, the ND Lawyer Committee may choose a two-fold approach to sending out its communications. The email created in i-Modules would be distributed to recipients compiled from: (1) the Notre Dame Lawyers in the community or communities (Notre Dame club/s) determined by the Roles in myNotreDame, as discussed above, and (2) the outside list compiled by the ND Lawyer Committee from the initial broadcast email. (The i-Modules system prevents duplicate emails when it sends out its communication, so this two-fold approach is an effective way to “cast a wide net” especially in situation like New York City.)

Below is the process for obtaining administrative rights for myNotreDame used by the NDAA clubs as set forth by the Notre Dame Alumni Association.

Here’s the Process:

Obtaining Administrative Rights To myNotreDame
The purpose of the following instructions is to provide more detail on the steps required for obtaining administrative access in myNotreDame. Each main heading represents one of the steps.

Obtain Approval
The first step to obtaining administrative rights in myNotreDame is to let the Notre Dame Alumni Association office, hereinafter “NDAA office”, know which rights your ND Lawyer Committee representative, hereinafter “representative”, wants by filling out the Admin Rights Request Form. The representative may access this form from http://mynotredame.nd.edu by going to Help in the top navigation and then click on the Administrative Rights Request link. Once the NDAA office receives this form, it will give the representative full access to the training community and email it instructions on how to proceed.

Completion of this form also prompts the NDAA office to obtain approval from the President of the Notre Dame Club in ND Lawyer Committee’s geographic region. Please be sure the President knows your representative is requesting rights prior to submitting the form. Typically, the NDAA office obtains approval before completing the other required steps.

If your representative already has administrative access in myNotreDame and is adding additional rights, the representative will need to fill out the Administrative Rights Request form again and let the NDAA office know what additional rights the representative is pursuing. Your representative does not need to re-do any items on the training checklist that the representative has already completed (these items should still be checked). Once your representative completes training for the new rights the representative is requesting, then update and re-submit the checklist.

Live or Recorded Training Sessions
Your representative is required to attend live training or view the NDAA office’s recorded session content. This training will acquaint the representative with the tools available and provide a foundation for the representative as a myNotreDame administrator.

Live training can be requested from the left navigational link: Request Live Training. Simply fill out the form and submit, and a representative from the NDAA office will contact your representative to schedule training.

Recorded Live Training Videos are also available for your representative’s convenience. The NDAA office has segmented the content from its live sessions into videos that your representative can watch at the representative’s own pace. Instructions for these videos are available at the Recorded Live Training Videos link in the left hand navigation. (These videos are very user friendly and can be watched conveniently on your home or office computer.)

Training Checklist
From the homepage of the training community navigate to Forms > Training Checklist. This form will list all of the tasks your representative needs to complete in order to obtain administrative access to myNotreDame. On the first tab, check the rights that the representative is requesting, then click next. On the second tab, you will see the requirements for the categories the representative selected. Have the representative check them off as completed and use the save button along the way. The representative must click submit when finished.

Statement of Responsibility
The first Item on the training checklist is the Statement of Responsibility. The representative should use the link on the training checklist to download the PDF. Then, complete it and return it to the NDAA office using one of the methods listed on the form. (Direct Download Link – for Club, Class, and Off Campus Groups)

Student Data Access (1 person per club)
If your representative is requesting student data access, please use the link on the training checklist to complete that training. DO NOT submit the form using the information on the FERPA form. Simply send it to the NDAA office using the contact information from the statement of responsibility.

Event Admin, Membership Admin and Forms Admins Rights and Credit Card Account
In order to obtain Event Admin, Membership Admin or Form Admin rights your ND Lawyer Committee will need to have a credit card account set up via the Alumni Association. The Alumni Association has a contract with a company called Moneris to allow clubs to accept credit card payments through the club website, terminals and e-Select plus Mobile App. To start the process for applying for a credit card account your representative will need to complete the following form Forms > Credit Card Processing.

Your representative should use the training checklist to track completion of the requirements for administrative rights. When your representative has submitted the training checklist, this lets the NDAA office know that your representative has completed the items indicated on the checklist. The NDAA office will then verify that your representative has submitted the required paperwork and assign the representative administrative rights. The NDAA office cannot create the representative’s account until it has received the required items from each main heading above.

Keep in mind that there is a wealth of information available for your representative on the training site under the Training Documentation link. Use those resources as a reference to answer questions and as a way to expand knowledge of the many tools available in myNotreDame.

Additional Tools to Recruit Notre Dame Lawyers

  • Join and search the Notre Dame Law School LinkedIn page by geographic area (Currently there are over 4,300 Notre Dame Lawyers on this LinkedIn page)
  • 2015 Notre Dame Alumni Directory (Law School included)
    -Set to come out in October 2014

Contact ND Lawyer Committee Leaders

The Notre Dame Lawyers listed below have been instrumental in starting ND Lawyer Committees in their area. Please contact them with any questions, they are more than happy to help.

Jim Carr (New York)
Juan Castaneda
Chris Coury (AZ & Southern CA)
Jared des Rosiers (East Coast)
Nancy Gargula (Indianapolis)
Maureen Hurley (Buffalo, NY)
Kathleen Lundy (Boston)
Beth Naylor (Cincinnati)
Tim Nickels (Chicago)
Dave Scheper (Los Angeles)
Tom Schroeder (North Carolina)
Beth Tavitas (Northwest IN)
Maureen Witt (Colorado)

Recommended ND Lawyer Committee Activities
Annual Events

Meet & Greet Events

Educational Events

Spiritual Events

  • Notre Dame Lawyers Committee of Colorado [Mass & Communion Breakfast, scheduled Jan. 11, 2015]