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Beth Naylor NetworkingBeth Naylor ’86 JD

Notre Dame Lawyers are a uniquely accomplished group of individuals. Harnessing that talent for the benefit of our students and alumni is the goal of the Notre Dame Lawyer Committee initiative which was launched by the Notre Dame Law Association in 2013. We have more than our share of law firm managing partners, general counsel, judges, and tenacious trial attorneys. Many of our lawyers are called to public interest and serve as federal prosecutors, state’s attorneys, public defenders, non-profit and legal aid attorneys, and JAG officers. We also have Fortune 100 CEOs, real estate tycoons, learned professors, entrepreneurs, investment bankers, U.S. Senators and Representatives, and officers of major corporations, nonprofits, and professional sports franchises. Alumni have set important judicial precedent, closed multi-billion dollar transactions, served at the highest level of government, advocated for social justice, and inspired films based on their life’s work. Our alumni network spans the globe, touching all facets of the law and virtually every industry sector.

Notre Dame Lawyer Committees have a dual purpose: first, to provide local support for all ND alumni with law degrees; and, second, to establish an organized network accessible to NDLS students and all ND alumni with a law degree for employment opportunities, professional development, educational programming and to foster a spirit of cooperation, camaraderie and support. Notre Dame Lawyer Committees coordinate with NDLS and local NDAA alumni clubs to optimize and tailor the support needed in each geographic location.

Notre Dame Lawyer Committees around the country have taken root and are well on their way to realizing our collective potential as the most influential law alumni network in the world.

Go Irish!

Beth Schneider Naylor ‘86 JD
Executive Advisory Board and Past President, Notre Dame Law Association

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