Early Decision

Students interested in attending Notre Dame Law School may apply via either Early or Regular Decision.

Early Decision is a binding process designed for applicants who have researched their law school options and have determined that NDLS is their top choice. Applying to NDLS via Early Decision allows students to express their level of interest in attending the Law School. The Admissions Committee gives priority review to Early Decision applications. Students admitted via Early Decision will receive information regarding their scholarship offer (if any) at the time of admission; students admitted via Regular Decision will learn of their scholarship status beginning in mid-February.

In order to receive a decision by late-December, students must submit a complete Early Decision application by November 15.

Students who apply via Early Decision and plan to sit for the December LSAT may not receive a decision until after those scores become available in early-January.

The Admissions Committee may withhold decisions on Early Decision applicants who are current undergraduates until after receiving their fall semester/quarter grades.

As part of the Early Decision process, students must agree to the following:

  • The student may not have an active binding early-decision application to another law school. The student may have active applications to other law schools via non-binding early admissions processes or via regular action/decision admissions processes.
  • If admitted to NDLS via binding Early Decision, the student will provide their confirmation deposit within 10 business days.
  • If admitted to NDLS via binding Early Decision, the student will immediately withdraw all pending applications to other law schools and will not initiate further applications during the admissions cycle.

Failure to comply with these requirements may result in the void and cancellation of any admission and scholarship offers from Notre Dame Law School.

Students who apply via Early Decision may be admitted, denied, or offered a place on the waitlist. Students who are offered a place on the waitlist and are later admitted to Notre Dame Law School do not have to abide by the above requirements.

Both the Early and Regular Decision applications opened on September 1. The application deadline for Early Decision is January 5 and all supporting documents must be on file by January 12. The application deadline for Regular Decision is March 15 and all supporting documents must be on file by March 25.

Students may apply for Early or Regular Decision via either the LSAC or NDLS Applications.


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