FAQs: Transfer Students

Each year the Law School considers applications from students at other law schools who would like to continue their studies at NDLS. Read here for information about applying to the Law School as a transfer student.

When can I apply?
The 2018 transfer application will be available in February 2018 through June 30, 2018. We encourage interested students to apply early so as to maximize opportunities to bid for on-campus interviews and to participate in the journal write-on competition.

How do I apply?
An online application for transfer admission is available at the LSAC’s website.

Can I apply before I have my 1L spring grades?
Yes, interested candidates may apply after receiving first semester grades for 1L year. Students may be admitted conditionally based only on their first semester grades – the Admissions Committee removes the conditional status upon receipt of the student’s final transcript as long as the student’s work remains consistent.

What do you consider most when reviewing a transfer application?
Both an applicant’s prelaw qualifications as well as their level of success at their previous law school are important in our evaluation.

How many transfer applications are there? How many transfer students enroll each year?
Estimating the number of transfer applications NDLS will receive in a given year is very difficult but have typically varied between 50 and 75 applications in the past five years. In general, NDLS will enroll between 10-20 transfer students each year. The exact number of students is predicated on the number of “open seats” that become available in the class through students choosing to study abroad, pursue our Chicago or Washington, D.C. externship programs, or transferring to another law school.

Will I be able to take advantage of on-campus interviews as a transfer student?
Yes, transfer students are able to participate in OCI after they have been admitted and provide their enrollment/deposit materials. The Career Development Office will be in touch with any enrolling student to ensure that they are educated about and prepared for the OCI process.

Please note the initial bidding for OCI typically concludes in late-June. Thereafter, students are eligible to bid on interviews as slots become open either because a firm has additional availability or because other students have dropped bids. As such, the Admissions Committee encourages transfer applicants to consider applying early in the admissions process, including prior to receipt of their spring grades.

Will I receive credits for the classes I have already completed?
If admitted as a transfer student, our Registrar will review the coursework completed during your 1L year. Grades will not transfer, however, your credit hours from an ABA-approved law school will typically transfer. We accept a maximum of 30 credit hours.

When will I register for fall classes?
If admitted as a transfer student, you will register for classes in the mid-late summer. Our Registrar will assist you in making the appropriate course selections for the upcoming fall, keeping in mind any NDLS specific requirements that must be met.

Can I apply as a transfer student if I am currently enrolled in a part-time program?
Yes, but it is important to recognize that you may have to make up coursework at some juncture in your academic career. Students may elect to overload in courses, pursue skills or externship credits, or do our London summer program to compensate for any lack of credits. Students may also choose to take more than two years to complete their J.D. coursework at NDLS.

Are there any course requirements I need in order to transfer?
It is recommended that students interested in transferring pursue a courseload roughly similar to what 1L students at NDLS take. The NDLS 1L schedule includes
- Civil Procedure
- Constitutional Law
- Contracts
- Criminal Law
- Legal Research and Writing
- Property
- Torts

Transfer applicants may be admitted even if they are missing these requirements if the remainder of their application is strong. These students will be required to take these required courses during their 2L year at NDLS.

As a transfer student, am I able to join a journal?
Yes, transfer applicants are eligible to participate in the law journal write-on competition. Interested students should request information regarding this process from “Peter Horvath”mailto:phorvath@nd.edu, Director of Student Services, by the end of May. Students will most likely have to submit their writing sample prior to learning their admissions decision.

Please note that admissions decisions and journal selection decisions are made independently from each other through the summer.

When does the Admission Committee release decisions about transfer applications?
The Admissions Committee considers transfer applications on a rolling basis. A rolling admission process allows for extending the review process as appropriate, ensuring that each application receives full and individualized attention in the context of careful comparison to other completed applications. There is no waitlist process for transfer candidates.

How may I check the status of my application?
The best way to check the status of your application is by going to the link provided to you through correspondence from the Admissions Office. Shortly after we have received your application you will receive an email that will contain a User ID and password, and the link to your individual status checker. Visit the status check website to learn more about the on-screen messages and date changes you see.

How will I be notified of my decision?
Admitted students are notified by a combination of email and and a physical admit packet.