Dean’s Welcome

Dean’s Welcome

Dean Nell Jessup Newton

Welcome to Notre Dame, where for over 140 years we have been educating “a different kind of lawyer” – successful attorneys who are superbly trained for a wide variety of careers in the law and justifiably confident that their moral and ethical principles will always remain the core elements of their legal identity.

Recognized around the world for its scholarship and located in the heart of one of the most beautiful and storied campuses in the nation, Notre Dame Law School has always been small and highly selective. Because we are small, every law student at Notre Dame has the opportunity to receive a great deal of individual faculty attention, both in and out of the classroom. Because we are selective, each student knows that his or her classmates are among the most talented students in the nation, and each has the ability to draw upon the life experiences of the person sitting next to them in a lecture or seminar as they learn the law. The opportunity to turn to classmates of diverse cultural backgrounds who have outstanding academic credentials and who may have served in the Peace Corps, had investment banking experience, served in the military, or practiced as physicians makes the Notre Dame Law School experience truly exceptional.

Students who study with us develop bonds that endure beyond their time on campus — lifelong friendships with classmates, continuing relationships with professors, and in three years, membership in one of the strongest alumni networks in the country. Notre Dame Lawyers (including the many thousands of Notre Dame undergraduates who attended law school elsewhere) are fiercely loyal, not only in support of the law school, but in support of one another. As attorneys progress through their careers – whether seeking their first job as a lawyer or a lateral move in a few years – the Notre Dame Lawyer network is often the most helpful resource in landing the next position.

We strongly encourage all of our students to take full advantage of our extraordinarily robust curriculum. In addition to rigorous, traditional core courses, we offer a wide variety of specialized and niche courses in South Bend, at our London Centre, and now in Chicago. Our programs of study guide students who wish to focus on any of six broad areas of law and policy. International law courses, exchanges, and our London program provide a rich array of courses in public international law as well as human rights law and international business law. Notre Dame Law in Chicago is but the most recent expansion of our highly regarded clinical and experiential learning program. Notre Dame Law School recognizes that the best lawyers embrace the tools and ideas of other disciplines, by providing a number of interdisciplinary courses and programs. Students may also pursue a three-year dual JD/MBA with the Mendoza College of Business or a JD/M.S.E. with the School of Engineering, and pursue other dual degrees at Notre Dame.

Thank you for your interest in Notre Dame.

Nell Jessup Newton
Joseph A. Matson Dean