Interdisciplinary Studies

The Notre Dame Law School offers a range of programs that confront the increasingly interdisciplinary dimensions of law and legal practice. The Law School faculty has teamed up with leading professors from other Notre Dame colleges and departments to create four NDLS Interdisciplinary Programs.

Program on Church, State, and Society

The Program on Church, State, and Society focuses on the role of religious institutions, religious communities, and religious authorities in the social order and how law structures these relationships. The program will build on the academic strengths housed in Law School, as well as in the University’s colleges and centers.

Richard W. Garnett, Director

Program on Constitutional Structure

The Notre Dame Program on Constitutional Structure promotes interdisciplinary learning of how constitutional structures operate — in the United States and abroad — by supporting extensive curricular offerings, promoting faculty and student research, and sponsoring a rich array of lectures, conferences, and other events. The program helps prepare students for careers in all areas of public law.

Randy Kozel, Director

Program on Law and Economics

The Notre Dame Law and Economics (NDL&E) Program promotes interdisciplinary research and scholarship in law and economics, law and the social sciences, and law and business. NDL&E offers an innovative workshop, the Law and Economics Seminar, in which both faculty and students can participate, with students enrolling for course credit. NDL&E also hosts an annual symposium with two keynote speakers, typically one legal scholar and one economist, and commentators from the Law School, the Department of Economics, and elsewhere.

Daniel Kelly and Margaret Brinig, Directors

The Research Program on Law and Market Behavior (ND LAMB)

The Research Program on Law and Market Behavior (ND LAMB) at Notre Dame Law School is dedicated to promoting foundational research that contributes to scholarly and policy thinking about a range of important and timely issues at the intersection of law and market behavior. Specifically, ND LAMB promotes high-impact, interdisciplinary research across a number of interrelated legal fields that study these issues — most notably, corporate governance, antitrust, intellectual property, property and contract, and market regulation more generally. In pursuing its research agenda, the Program draws extensively on relevant extra-legal research in disciplines ranging from psychology to economics, business, and beyond. ND LAMB focuses, moreover, on promoting original legal scholarship that emphasizes observational and experimental empirical methods, through conferences, workshops, visitors and speakers, research support and collaborations with relevant programs and institutes worldwide.

Avishalom Tor, Program Director