J.S.D. Degree


J.S.D. in International Human Rights Law

Since 1992, the Notre Dame Law School has admitted a small number of students to candidacy for the degree of doctor of juridical science (J.S.D.). This program is designed especially for people who teach in the field of international human rights law and who seek additional education beyond the LL.M. degree level.

Individuals who wish to study international human rights beyond the LL.M. may seek a Doctor of Juridical Science (J.S.D.). The J.S.D. involves two semesters of residency beyond that required for the LL.M. degree and requires that individuals admitted to the program demonstrate substantial potential for writing a thesis of publishable quality that will be a significant scholarly contribution to the field in which it is written.

For further information about the J.S.D. in International Human Rights Law Program, see the Center for Civil and Human Rights.