J.D. Degree

The J.D. curriculum provides a strong foundation that has proven to be fundamental to the practice of law in every American jurisdiction, while giving students the opportunity to tailor coursework to particular career aspirations.

Dual Degrees

Notre Dame Law students have several opportunities to combine the study of law with another academic discipline, earning two degrees at the end of their course of study.

LL.M. Degree

Notre Dame offers an LL.M. at Notre Dame degree that can be pursued at the University of Notre Dame’s main campus in South Bend, Indiana, and an LL.M. in London that can be pursued at Notre Dame's London Global Gateway in the U.K. In addition, the main campus also hosts the Law School’s globally recognized LL.M. in International Human Rights Law.

J.S.D. Degree

Meant for international and U.S. lawyers interested in pursuing an academic career in law, the J.S.D. degree forms future legal scholars and members of the legal academy.