Program Procedures and Requirements

Program Procedures


GALILEE is a student-run program in which small groups of 4-7 students choose a city to visit, research public interest and governmental programs in that city, and then design a three-day immersion to be conducted over winter break. The student groups are guided by a faculty coordinator and by student leaders who have previously participated in GALILEE. Participants earn one co-curricular credit that is graded satisfactory/unsatisfactory.

Student leaders host an informational meeting early in the fall semester to explain the program, to identify cities that prospective students wish to visit, and to help participants organize into city groups. By the end of September, students must commit to a specific city and sign a binding commitment to complete the program. Participants attend mandatory orientation sessions in mid-fall to introduce them to public interest law and to guide their planning efforts.

During the latter part of the fall semester, participants work within their small groups to develop itineraries for their city visits. A student leader is assigned to help each team develop its itinerary. Generally, participants visit 6-8 organizations during their 3-day immersion. Each city group also engages in a brief service project. The city groups are encouraged to stay together during their visit in common lodging so that they can reflect together on their experience as it occurs.

After returning from winter break, participants attend a debriefing session and write a brief reflection paper on their experience.

Requirements and Expectations


In order to receive credit, a GALILEE participant must comply with the following requirements:

  1. Attendance at the mandatory orientation and debriefing sessions.
  2. Submission of two reflection assignments by the published deadlines.
  3. Participation in the entire city visit.
  4. Active participation in the city group’s activities, including planning the itinerary, arranging lodging, and thanking host organizations.
  5. Full cooperation with GALILEE student leaders.

Participants may not change city groups after the orientation program without the express permission of the Faculty Coordinator.

Students may not withdraw from the GALILEE program after they have submitted an enrollment form unless they receive an excused absence for good cause shown from the Director of Student Services. A student who fails to attend the city visit without such an excused absence will receive a grade of Unsatisfactory.