Notable Journal Authors

Notable Journal Authors

The Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics & Public Policy has been honored over the years to have published articles by some of the most influential men and women of our time. Listed below are just a few of our authors.


President George W. Bush

"Our task is clear, and it is difficult; we must build our country’s unity by extending our country’s blessings."
(Poverty and the Law, 2002)
President Ronald Reagan

"I believe that faith and religion play a critical role in the political life of our nation and always have, and the church – and by that I mean all churches – has had a strong influence on the state, and this has worked to our benefit as a nation."
(Law & Morality, 1984)

Justice William J. Brennan

"These are not the first pages of a legal journal in which I have defended the position that I first articulated in Furman v. Georgia. But they may well be the last.
I have come to realize that I shall not likely live to see that ‘great day for our country . . . [and] our Constitution’ when a majority of the Supreme Court finally
comes to accept the fact that the death penalty ‘denies the humanity and dignity of the victim and transgresses the prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment.’
But even if it is not for me, as it was not for Justice Marshall, to finish the work, neither are we free to desist. The final labor it seems, will be left to the
brave and able hands and minds of those we leave behind."


U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan

"We must put the great new global market within reach of the poor, so that they too can become producers and consumers."
(Poverty and the Law, 2002)

Sen. Bill Bradley

John Cardinal O’Connor


Secretary Tommy Thompson

"To transform welfare is to restore hope, to honor work, to strengthen families, to reconstruct communities."
(Poverty and the Law, 2002)

Gov. Mario Cuomo
Mayor Rudolph Giuliani

"Freedom from fear is a basic human right. We need to reassert our right to live free from fear with greater confidence and determination than ever before."
(Violence in America, 2002)

Judge Richard A. Posner

Judge John T. Noonan

"Law and morals are intermixed, for every legal position, every judgment of a court, every enactment of a legislature incorporates some position on the human good,
that is, on what is moral."
(The Beginning and End of Life, 1998
Vol. 12 p. 387, "Dealing With Death")


John M. Finnis


Prof. Douglas W. Kmiec
Founder, Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics & Public Policy

"At most, the law can create the minimum conditions necessary for civil order, and within that order, allow the proper agents-most notably, family and church-to
instruct in matters of morality; to, if you will, teach virtue."
(Law and the Family, 1996, Vol. 10 p.647, 649, "A Reply to Drs. Carlson and Hitchcock: Still A Fool’s Game-The Mistaken Pursuit of Family Virtue Through
Politics & Law")


Kenneth Greenawalt

John Ashcroft
U.S. Attorney General 2001 – 2005 and
John Ratcliffe, former U.S. Attorney, E. D. Tex.

The Recent and Unusual Evolution of an Expanding FCPA
(Vol. 26, Issue 1)

Chief Justice Myron T. Steele

Delaware Supreme Court
The Moral Underpinnings of Delaware’s Modern Corporate Fiduciary Duties
(Vol. 26, Issue 1)


Thomas L. Friedman
New York Times columnist

The Global Marketplace and the Common Good: Sustainable Values in the Age of the Internet, Globalization, and Economic and Environmental Crises
(Vol. 26, Issue 2)

Tom Vilsack
30th U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

Faith over Fear: A Lesson for the Nation from American Agriculture
(Vol. 27, Issue 1) [Co-authored with Sarah Bittleman, Senior Advisor to Secretary Vilsack, 2010-2013]

Ross C. “Rocky” Anderson
Mayor of Salt Lake City, 2000-2008
2012 Justice Party candidate for U.S. President

Achieving Climate Protection: Fostering an Essential Focus on Human Rights and Human Impacts
(Vol. 27, Issue 1)[Co-authored with Patrick A. Thronson]

Trevor Potter
Member, Caplin & Drysdale
Former Commissioner and Chairman of the Federal Election Commission
Counsel to Stephen Colbert’s 501©(4)

The History of Undisclosed Spending in U.S. Elections & How 2012 Became the “Dark Money” Election
(Vol. 27, Issue 2)[Co-authored with Bryson B. Morgan, Caplin & Drysdale]
Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush
43rd Governor of Florida

The Role of Government in Growing a Strong Economy
(Vol. 27, Issue 2)

Other Notable Authors:

William J. Bennett
Secretary Elaine Chao
Rep. Henry Hyde
Prof. Kenneth Karst
Richard John Neuhaus
Michael Novak
Prof. Joseph Raz

Fmr. Speaker Newt Gingrich (Vol. 25, Issue 2)
Rep. Paul Ryan (Vol 25, Issue 2)