Membership Criteria

Membership Criteria


The Journal of Legislation accepts staff members from the 1L Writing Competition. The 1L Writing Competition consists of a case comment, in addition to a submission of a resume. The Editorial Staff uses the case comment as the primary basis for consideration as a staff member. Other factors taken into account are previous work experience and/or involvement in government and the legislative process. JLEG’s goal is to select a group of talented staff members who are committed to participating in the discourse concerning legislation, public policy and regulatory matters.

JLEG is committed to having a diverse membership. Members who wish to study abroad in London and participate on Moot Court are encouraged to do so while making a concurrent commitment to participate in Journal affairs. For London staff members, JLEG has created the position of a London Liaison to provide updates and feedback on Journal work. For more information about joining JLEG and studying in London, please contact the JLEG’s London Liaison. If you have any questions concerning membership, please contact us.

Upon selection, members of JLEG have the opportunity to apply up to 4 units of Journal for credit towards graduation.


JLEG also accepts 2L write-on submissions for consideration as staff as a 3L. The 2L Writing Competition consists of a note, preferably on a legislative topic.