Summer Research Assistance!

Author: Susan Good

Hello students! Need research assistance or one-on-one resource training this summer? If so, be sure to visit your friendly research librarians. Classes may not be in session, but we‘re still here (Mon- Fri 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) and eager to assist you.

If you‘re off-campus, please remember that you can always email or call us for assistance with your information needs. Not sure how we can ―assist you with your information needs‖ (or even what ―information needs‖ itself means)? Then visit the Law Library Services for Research Assistants page to learn about all the ways that we can help you find answers to your questions and identify relevant resources for your topic(s).

Not an RA? That‘s ok, we‘re enthusiastic about assisting NDLS graduates and students working at summer jobs and internships, too!

Finally, don‘t just read this issue of the Law Library Newsletter, check out the archive as well. You‘ll find lots of helpful articles that will introduce you to plenty of new (and old) services and resources which you may never have used before!