Research Redux Sessions Handouts

Author: Susan Good

scale stained glass window Students,

Thanks to all those who attended the Research Redux training sessions. We hope you will find the information useful this summer.

If you were unable to attend the classes, but you would like copies of the handouts, click on the topics below to view handouts. (NDLS Only; Netid required)

And If you really need to a brush up on a particular area of legal research, but you just couldn’t make it to Research Redux, see one of the research librarians for a little one-on-one instruction before you leave for the summer.

Come join the research librarians for Research Redux sessions to prepare you for your summer jobs!

The research librarians will offer a series of online sessions designed to: 1) review topics covered in the 1L Legal Research course; or 2) introduce new sources that could come in handy this summer.

Each session will last 50 minutes or less; and will take place in one of the classrooms. Bring your laptop.

Sessions begin Monday, March 22nd and continue through Thursday, April 8th.

We’ll cover these topics:

Administrative Law
Where do I find that EPA regulation?

Advanced Google
How do I limit my Google search to government sites?

Citators: Shepard’s and KeyCite
Is my case still good?

Free Legal Internet Sites
My firm restricts our Lexis/ Westlaw usage. How can I still find that case online?

International Law
Where can I find the text of a treaty?

Legislative History
What can I expect to find in a committee report and are they available online?

State and Federal Court Dockets
How do I get a copy of a complaint, motion, or order?

What is a session law and how can I find one online?

West’s Key Number System on Westlaw
I’ve got a good case from Ohio; how do I find one from New York?