Past Exams Available at the Law Library

Author: Susan Good

Written by Anita Lutz

Socrates once proclaimed “the unexamined life is not worth living.” You may agree or disagree with Socrates regarding the worth of examination, however in law school final examinations are almost always a certainty. So if you have recently begun a quest for useful exam materials we hope you will consider utilizing those which faculty have made available to assist you in preparing for your final examinations. Past exams are currently available through the Kresge Law Library and are accessible in multiple online formats as well as in print collections on reserve depending upon each professor’s preference.

Past exams available online

The law library website provides a convenient way to link to past exams of current law faculty who have chosen to provide electronic access through the law library for their materials. Through individual faculty agreement a number of faculty have made past exams available and it is possible to directly view them online. Beginning from the library homepage (/library-and-technology) you must first click the “STUDENTS” link and then the “EXAMS ON FILE” link to access the exam page listings. You can also visit the exam website directly at

All exams are password protected so you will need to login with your university NetID and password as these exams are available for current students only. The exams are arranged by the name of the professor so in order to find an exam, select a faculty member’s name and then login using your NetID and password to retrieve the list of available exams by class.

The following faculty members currently have materials available online:
Bob Blakey
Joseph Bauer
Margaret Brinig
Lisa L. Casey
Fr. Coughlin
Rick Garnett
Daniel Kelly
Lloyd Mayer
John Nagle
Jeff Pojanowski
Charles Rice
John Robinson
Vince Rougeau
Jay Tidmarsh
Julian Velasco

If your professor’s name is not listed in the electronic collection, check with the circulation desk for print exam availability as hard copies may exist for that professor on reserve. (See below for details.)

Past exams available in print

The library also provides faculty approved exams on file for check-out for current law students. In order to view the full selection of current exams, stop by the circulation desk during operating hours. At the circulation desk a full listing of available
exams can be viewed from the blue reserve binder which provides an alphabetical list of professors by last name and exact information as to whether a professor provides practice exams or not. Also listed are the subject and year of past exams, because multiple exams are possible.

Once you have identified that exam material is available you may request the complete folder for 2-hour check-out in order to make a photocopy. During occasions when student demand for exam materials is at its peak (usually immediately before and during exam week) extended access to past exams may be provided by the library to insure 24 hour access for photocopy purposes. If you have any questions about print exam access please check with the law library Circulation desk for details.
-Anita Lutz