Legal Research beyond the 1L Year... try the Advanced class!

Author: Susan Good

Need a refresher of what was covered in the basic first-year Legal Research class? Want to learn more about searching for cases and statutes, as well as conducting research in legislative history and administrative law? If so, Advanced Legal Research is the class for you this spring semester. You will examine and gain experience researching all these materials using both print and online (Lexis, Westlaw, and free web sources). The advantages and disadvantages of online and print for each type of law will be examined as well.

The class is based on problems that are designed to represent the type of situations you will face in the work environment; we will discuss the best approach to solving the problems presented in each situation. We will also look at areas of the law outside the traditional categories (cases, statutes, and administrative law) and look at what the web has to offer the attorney in practice. Class grades are based on two graded projects and a final; each will require you to apply what you have learned to various situations.