Develop Awareness of Current Legal Issues with United States Law Week

Author: Susan Good

Off the Shelf … A review of selected law library resources
By: Chris O’Byrne

faculty_obyrne As discussed in the previous installment of “Off the Shelf,” JURIST offers excellent (albeit selective) coverage of breaking national and international legal news. But sometimes you need a more comprehensive legal news source, one that summarizes the most significant cases and key legislative, regulatory, and pre-decisional developments, across the country, across all areas of the law. In short, you need BNA’s U.S. Law Week.

BNA’s lawyer-editors sift through thousands of federal and state court and administrative cases, to select those that establish new precedents, address new statutes, contribute to emerging legal doctrines, tackle current controversies, or further splits in the circuit courts (n.b., viewing circuit splits is a great way to find a paper topic).

Summaries of these important cases and developments are presented in a newsletter format each week. You can also browse back issues or the topical case index, use the advanced search option, or simply view recent articles arranged by court, agency, state or law firm.

In addition to U.S. Law Week, BNA also publishes many topic and industry specific newsletters, reporters, and practice materials. If you want to develop current awareness in a particular practice area, signing up for BNA email alerts is an excellent way to track decisions and other important developments across specialized fields of law.

For more information about BNA products, see a friendly research librarian today!