Call for Submissions!

This winter, we will publish a special newsletter issue commemorating the new law library. We want YOUR voices in this issue. Please e-mail us short comments (your personal reflections on the new library) before Friday, February 18th, 2011 for inclusion in this issue. Photos of the old or new buildings are also welcome! Please be sure to include your name and affiliation (if applicable) with Notre Dame Law School. If you do not wish your name to be published, please make note that your comment is meant to be anonymous. Thank you in advance, and we hope you are enjoying the new library as much as we enjoy working here! Read More

Tech Tips: Favorite student applications

Whether you own one of Apple’s hand-held devices or are just interested in knowing what kind of applications can be used on them, NDLS student have many suggestions for you! Read More

Library Profile: Terri Welty

Teresa Ann Tincher Welty, known as Terri Welty or “TW,” is the Administrative Assistant to Professor of Law Ed Edmonds, Associate Dean for Library and Information Technology at the Kresge Law Library. Read More

Off the Shelf: Presidential Libraries

Documents within Presidential libraries, museums, and archives reveal not only stories of the past, but also share the rich history of American President’s personal, political, and public lives. In the United States today there are currently thirteen Presidential Libraries. Presidential Libraries and Museums preserve and provide public access to Presidential papers and records, as well as gifts of the President. Presidential Libraries and Museums are unique institutions administered by the National Archive and Records Administration (NARA Read More

Finding Study Aids and Making Outlines

As exams near, it’s time to start thinking about finding study aids and making outlines for your classes. Even though most professors will not allow you to consult study aids during exams, reviewing and creating outlines are good ways to prepare for finals. Some people prefer to use existing commercial outlines or to borrow a friend’s outline. Other people make their own outlines. Some people do both. This article presents some useful resources for each approach. Read More

Westlaw Study Aids Subscription

As the midpoint of the semester has come and gone, many are beginning to feel the pressure from the approach of finals. Those who have not been using commercial outlines, briefs, and overviews all semester begin wondering if they should include these into their routine, and if so, which ones. Westlaw is offering a new option to students interested in having access to multiple different types of study aids right from their laptop. Through the Westlaw Study Aids Subscription Read More

Electronic Bluebook Exam (EBB) Preparation

The Electronic Bluebook (EBB) is a secure test-taking program that allows students to submit exams electronically through the use of their own personal laptops (or ones checked out from the library) instead of handwriting their responses in the traditional “bluebook” notebook. Most professors much prefer receiving typed responses instead of often hard to read handwriting. To date at Notre Dame Law School, more than 10,000 exams have been submitted using exam software. Be sure to check the exam schedule posted on various bulletin boards around the building and available at Read More

Past Exams Available at the Law Library

pen and paper stained glass news If you have recently begun a quest for useful exam materials we hope you will consider utilizing those which faculty have made available to assist you in preparing for your final examinations. Past exams are currently available through the Kresge Law Library. Read More

Helpful Research Hints

This article includes simple suggestions that will assist you in becoming more efficient and effective in your legal research at Notre Dame and beyond. Read More

What’s Next, Westlaw?

WestlawNext is an example of a next generation legal search engine. It offers powerful searching that integrates various components of the original Westlaw into a single search; obtaining the same results that in the original Westlaw would require several searches and much additional effort by the searcher. In this regard, it is definitely a major step forward for anyone doing legal research. Read More

Library Profile: Dan Manier

Dan Manier, Director of Law School Technology, is a true son of Notre Dame, being part of the Notre Dame family all his life. Read More

(Heart)Breaking News: 19th ed. of Bluebook Now Available!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water you’d mastered the 18th ed., a new edition is published to confound you to address and clarify issues raised since the publication of the previous edition in 2005.

At almost 100 pages longer than the 18th ed., the new 19th ed. features a sturdier construction and reinforced spine which increases the odds that it will survive your inevitable decision to hurl it across the room in frustration Read More

Tech Tips: Recommended Applications for iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches

Mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular in the workplace and in everyday life. The ability to access Internet from a Smartphone or other mobile device is becoming commonplace, and there is a wide variety of applications (or “apps”) that these devices use to make life more productive, interesting, and just plain fun. In this issue we focus on applications available from the iTunes Store for use on Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, since so many Notre Dame Law School students, faculty, and staff own one or more of these Apple devices. Read More

Help Wanted!

Positions open for student workers in the Kresge Law Library. Check out what is available! Read More

Research Assistant Resource Recap

Hello RAs! Now that you’re settled in to your summer schedule, using HeinOnline, LexisNexis, and Westlaw is probably getting to be second nature for you. Consequently, it’s time to learn about some of the other resources available to you. The first of which is your beautifully renovated law library (true, some areas are not furnished yet, but they are still gorgeous). So, if you need to spread your books, notes, and laptop out, stop trying to cram everything onto the tables in the commons and sprawl your things out on one of the spacious new desks in the Main Reading Room instead. Second, although we research librarians may seem frazzled as we settle into our new office spaces, do stop by the new reference area (directly inside the main doors of the library on the second floor), as we remain eager to assist you! If you’re off-campus, be sure to email or call us for assistance with your information needs. Third, not sure how we can “assist you with your information needs” (or even what “information needs” itself means)? Then visit the Law Library Services for Research Assistants Read More

Preparing for the Clerkship Interview

With clerkship application season in full swing, it’s time to think about the potential next step: The Interview. This brief overview is meant to give you some perspective on what to expect in the clerkship interview process. It also reinforces the golden rule that you should only apply to a judge for whom you would want to clerk. Read More

C-SPAN Video Library

Great news for C-SPAN junkies (yes, they do exist… not everyone procrastinates with Facebook or YouTube)! As of March 17, 2010, all programming that has aired on C-SPAN since 1987 (over 160,000 hours) is available online via the C-SPAN Video Library.

Whether you prefer the populist orientation of the original channel (i.e., gavel-to-gavel floor proceedings of the U.S. House of Representatives), the rarefied air of the Senate chambers (i.e., CSPAN2), or the eclectic mix provided by C-SPAN3 (i.e., public affairs events, congressional hearings, and history programming), now you can turn to one convenient source for all your C-SPAN Read More

Kresge Library Student Service Award Winner

Nora Sakal is a Design major in the College of Arts and Letters at Notre Dame and this year’s recipient of the Kresge Library Student Service award given to a graduating senior who has shown substantial and exemplary service to the library. Read More

Library Profile: Technical Services Department

People often assume that a Library consists of only one department referred to as Public Service, but professionally known as “Circulation,” and that books magically appear on the shelves. Read More

Circulation Desk on the Move ...

On Monday, March 29 through Thursday, April 1 (No fooling), the staff of the Access Services and Technical Services departments of the library will be moving to Biolchini Hall. See map Read More

Library Profile: Barb Ritty

Barbara Ritty news Barb Ritty, born in Cleveland, Ohio came to the Kresge Law Library in 1985 after working three years at the Hesburgh Library. Read More