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Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy Visits NDLS London Law Program

Author: Kyle Fitzenreiter

justice kennedyDuring his time with students, Justice Kennedy discussed the role of the U.S. Constitution in shaping the American identity and the Constitution’s role in serving as a model throughout the world. Justice Kennedy further noted the powerful influence of Britain’s constitutional tradition on the U.S. Constitution and its basic values.

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Dean Announces New Interdisciplinary Program on Law and Market Behavior

Author: Charles Williams

Under the direction of Professor Avishalom Tor, ND LAMB will promote research across the various fields that study how the law and legal institutions shape and are shaped by the market behaviors of individuals and firms. The research agenda examines issues across a number of legal fields—from corporate governance, antitrust, and intellectual property, through property and contract, to market regulation more generally—and draws extensively on relevant extra-legal research in psychology, economics, business, and beyond.

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