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Prof. O'Connell quoted in WorldNetDaily & The Trentonian

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Obama’s in love with drones
WorldNetDaily (Quotes: Mary Ellen O’Connell) July 27, 2010
On Scott Simon’s always-illuminating Weekend Edition program on National Public Radio, Mary Ellen O’Connell, a research professor at the University of Notre Dame said: "I am not at all against the use of technology that protects our soldiers, and I’m with the American public on that entirely. But I do think a lot about not only the legal but the moral ramifications of the drone, the ability to kill from thousands of miles away, not just a mile or two away. And what is that doing to us a nation?” > Read Article

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Prof. John Nagle quoted in The Atlantic

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It’s Not Dead, It’s Only Lame: John Boehner and the 20th Amendment
The Atlantic (blog) (Quotes: John Copeland Nagle) July 26, 2010
As constitutional scholar John Copeland Nagle of Notre Dame points out, many important laws have been passed by “lame duck” Congresses since 1933. The federal “superfund” law was passed in 1981 by a Democratic Congress that knew the new Republican Senate would block it. In 1994, Democrats lost control of both House and Senate; the old Congress promptly met and implemented the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. > Read Posting

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Prof. Blakey quoted in Citizens Voice

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Conahan guilty plea expected today
Citizens Voice (Quotes: G. Robert Blakey) July 23, 2010
But Notre Dame law professor G. Robert Blakey, who wrote the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act under which Conahan was charged, said the rulings will have no effect because the honest services fraud charges against Conahan are based on the payment of bribes. “They fall within the definition of what the Supreme Court approved,” said Blakey, who drafted the RICO legislation while working as chief counsel to a U.S. Senate subcommittee in the 1970s. > Read Article

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Imprisoned for debt in America

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World Socialist Web Site (Quotes: Judy Fox) July 16, 2010
“We have created a de facto debtors prison system in the United States that is largely unconstitutional,” said Judith Fox, a law professor at Notre Dame Law School. “In some parts of the country, people are so fearful of arrest they are scrambling to pay money they might not even owe,” she concluded.

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In Defense of Professor Kenneth Howell (Quotes: John M. Finnis) July 16,2010
John M. Finnis, the Catholic thinker who is regarded as one of the most influential living legal philosophers in the world, often uses language of “complementarity,” “natural” or “unnatural,” “moral” or “immoral” when writing about sexual ethics, particularly about homosexual relations—a topic he has written on extensively… Furthermore, Finnis holds prestigious professorships at both Oxford and Notre Dame Law School, the two institutions where he divides his time during the academic year, and where he is—of course—a very respected scholar.

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Proposed amendment to human rights ordinance full of holes

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South Bend Tribune (By: Charles Rice) July 16, 2010
Common Council Bill 30-10 would amend the South Bend Human Rights Ordinance to forbid private employment discrimination on grounds of “sexual orientation” or “gender identity.” Charles E. Rice is professor emeritus at Notre Dame Law School.

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Alumni Spotlight: Jose Reyes Ferriz ’88

Jose Reyes Ferriz news

Jose Reyes Ferriz, the mayor of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico and a 1988 graduate of Notre Dame Law School’s LL.M. program, recently spoke with National Public Radio about his fight against the rampant violence plaguing his city.

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Blind NDLS student featured in South Bend Tribune

Like several Notre Dame law students, Jim Lockwood ’11 is practicing his craft by working as a summer intern in a county prosecutor’s office. What’s different is that Lockwood’s service dog helps make his work possible.

The South Bend Tribune recently profiled Lockwood during a day at the Berrien County (Mich.) Prosecutor’s Office. You can read the article here:…

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Is there still a Catholic vote in the US?

Spero News (By: Vincent Rougeau) July 9, 2010
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Is there a unified Catholic voice in the American public square, and if so, what is it saying at the moment? As the United States celebrates Independence Day on 4th July, Professor Vincent Rougeau of the University of Notre Dame, describes the past and present tensions experienced by Catholic Americans as a result of the support and opposition encountered in various other religious and political voices. > Read Article

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`'Holy men' blaze curious trail across country

Helena Independent Record (Quotes: Lloyd Hitoshi Mayer)
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In most states, including Ohio and Minnesota, religious groups do not have to file financial reports at all, says Helen Ng, a spokeswoman for the Charities Review Council, a nonprofit watchdog group. “It’s been a common tax scam for many years for a family, for example, to claim ’we’re a church,’” says Lloyd Hitoshi Mayer, an associate professor of law at the University of Notre Dame. “The church category, unfortunately, is one that can be abused.” > Read Article

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Student Spotlight: Wendy Tran ’12

Wendy Tran news

Half of Notre Dame Law School’s first-year class—92 students—spent several days last semester exploring public interest lawyering around the country through the GALILEE program. An acronym for Group Alternative Live-In Legal Education, GALILEE introduces Notre Dame law students to the legal problems of the urban poor in ways impossible to learn in the classroom. One participating student, Wendy Tran, recorded her thoughts throughout her experience at various agencies in Los Angeles.

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Featured Faculty: Dan B. Kelly

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Daniel B. Kelly is a promising scholar in property law and law and economics and has taken great strides to assist in developing the University’s law-and-economics curriculum.

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Do drone attacks comply with international law?

Mary Ellen Oconnell news

PolitiFact (Quotes: Mary Ellen O’Connell), July 1st, 2010
Mary Ellen O’Connell, a University of Notre Dame law professor, argues that “without a right to use military force on Pakistan’s territory, we not only violate that state’s rights under international law, we are violating the human rights of all victims, regardless of whether they are Taliban militants on a CIA hit list or bystanders. Some of the publicly acknowledged strikes in Pakistan have not been part of Pakistan’s own armed conflict hostilities with Taliban. I know of no justification in international law for those.” > Read Article

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