A Library Divided

Author: Susan Good

A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand — Abraham Lincoln

A Library Divided for 18 Months Can Still Deliver Superb Service — Dean Ed Edmonds

With the move into the new Eck Hall of Law and the continuing renovation of the old law building – Biolchini Hall – the various library departments are scattered in several temporary locations, but all departments remain committed to delivering great service.

Here are a few basics on where to go if you want to:

Find a Research Librarian.

The temporary offices of Patti, Dwight, Chris and Warren are in Suite 1110 just off the main entrance of Eck Hall. Beth, the research assistant, is also located there. Stop by with your research questions or just to say hello! (We miss you and easily get lonely.)

You can also call or e-mail us individually: Dwight (1-5993), King.1@nd.edu, Chris (1-5664), cobryne@nd.edu, Patti (1-5996), pogden@nd.edu or Warren (1-4436), wrees@nd.edu. In addition, you can click on the green “Ask a Librarian” box on the law library home page to e-mail a question to the department.

Find the Circulation Desk.

From Eck Commons on Level 2, walk toward the old law building. You’ll find the friendly desk attendants straight ahead at the new temporary Circulation Desk. The Reserve Collection is in a room to the right of the Circulation Desk. (An attendant will retrieve books from this room for you.)

Find Books and Photocopiers.

The vast majority of the library collection, the photocopiers and the copy card dispenser have been moved to what was formerly known as Large Compact Storage on the basement level of the law library. This area will now be called the “Stacks.” The law library catalog will clearly identify whether a title is in the Stacks, Hesburgh Storage or Off-site Storage. Click here for a map of the Stacks.

You must venture into the law library’s Stacks to retrieve books during normal business hours, but see a Circulation Desk attendant if you want a book from the Stacks after 5:00 PM or if you want a book from Hesburgh Storage. Access Services will retrieve books from Hesburgh Library (couriers will make trips to Hesburgh Library twice a day) and notify you when the book is available at the Circulation Desk. You will not have access to materials in Off-site Storage until 2010, but can request these items (or any others not available in our collection) through interlibrary loan. Carmela Kinslow can help you with your ILL request. Her office is located in the office suite just inside the stairway next to the Reserve Collection.

To get to the Stacks, take the stairway (Stair 5) to the right of the Circulation Desk and walk down the 47 steps to the door leading into the area. (As law students, you are either young and athletic, or young and way too sedentary, so embrace the aerobic workout 47 steps will provide.) By the way, Reference books will be to your far left in ranges 1 & 2.

If stair-climbing is not your thing, take the elevator to the right of the Circulation Desk and go down one floor. (This elevator does not go all the way to the Stacks.) Exit the elevator, walk to your left and proceed north past Rooms 121 and 120 in the old building. Turn right at the end of the hall and take the elevator on your left to the basement. As you exit the elevator, take a quick left and then right to the Stacks.

Remember, ask a Circulation Desk attendant or research librarian for help if you have any problems locating a book!

Find Microfiche.

As microfiche cabinets are tucked away on two different floors in the building, you probably won’t be able to do this one on your own. Ask a research librarian or Circulation Desk attendant for help. The library catalog will identify the number of the fiche cabinet you need, so jot it down.

Find Electronic Resources.

As before, click on the Electronic Resources link on the law library home page. For the next eighteen months especially, we encourage you to use the vast array of electronic resources in our collection to compensate for the absence of some print volumes. As you know, you can literally locate loads of law on Lexis and Westlaw. For quick access to PDFs of many primary and secondary sources, check out the Cite Checker Resources page under Students on the law library home page.

Find the Computer Lab.

The Computer Lab, located in Room 2146 Eck Hall, contains eight workstations (seven PCs and one Mac) and one helpful student assistant (same hours as last semester). Two laser printers with release stations allow you to print your documents. A third printer and release station are located nearby in Room 2173. (Room 2173 also contains 24 study carrels.) The Lexis and Westlaw printers are in Room 2174.

Find Computer Assistance.

On the rare occasion when the student assistant in the Computer Lab is unable to help you, see Eric McCartney, the Student Computing Manager, located next door in Room 2140 Eck Hall.

Find Student Study Space.

In addition to the spacious and scenic Eck Commons, mid- and small-sized dedicated student study spaces are available. Room 2173 contains 24 study carrels. Rooms 3170 and 3173 each contain six study carrels.

Please note that it will not be possible to reserve personal carrels until the library returns to the renovated facility in Biolchini Hall. Please be considerate of your fellow students and do not leave or store your belonging on the carrels in the study rooms.

Temporary student study space is available in all classrooms when classes are not in session. Classrooms which are frequently available as student study space include Room 2145 (all day Monday and Friday), Room 3171 (all day Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday), and Room 3172 (all day Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday). Click here for a complete listing of classroom availability.

Finally, Room 2130 (the Faculty Meeting Room), which contains seating for fifty six people, will be available as student study space at all hours except 12:00 – 2:00 PM Monday through Friday.

Find the Lemonheads.

Lemonheads By popular demand from students, faculty, and staff (as well visiting family members) Operation Lemonhead continues! Last semester library patrons consumed 155 pounds of Lemonheads!! Stop by the Circulation Desk to get your Lemonhead fix and do your part to set a new record for Spring 2009!!!

Welcome back for another semester. As you enjoy the new Eck Hall of Law, know that the library staff promises to do our best to maintain quality library services as we await the new and improved Kresge Law Library of Biolchini Hall!