Prof. Kaveny in NY Times re: Sotomayor’s Catholicity

Author: Dan Manier

Cathleen Kaveny scarf

Sonia Sotomayor, President Obama’s pick to fill Justice David Souter’s seat on the U.S. Supreme Court, would be the sixth Catholic on the Court if confirmed. A May 30 “New York Times” article reported that “[t]here are indications that Judge Sotomayor is more like the majority of American Catholics: those who were raised in the faith and shaped by its values, but who do not attend Mass regularly and are not particularly active in religious life. Like many Americans, Judge Sotomayor may be what religion scholars call a “cultural Catholic” — a category that could say something about her political and social attitudes.”

University of Notre Dame Professor of Law and of Theology Cathleen Kaveny told the Times, “I don’t think there is any one Catholic stance on the law. Catholicism is a big tent, so different people are drawn to different aspects of it. A Dorothy Day Catholic is going to be different than an Opus Dei Catholic.”

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