Duplication/Editing of Audio and Video Tapes


Duplication/Editing of Audio and Video Tapes


VHS & DVD Audio
All duplication is on a one-copy-at-a-time basis. If you require a supstantial number, arrangements can be made for it to be done for a fee. Duplication of copy protected DVD’s onto another DVD is not possible, even with permission. AV Services has the capacity to duplicate standard audiotapes only. If you have an audiotape that is not a standard cassette, please check with AV Services to see if it would be possible to have it duplicated.


Video Audio
AV Services can only edit for DVD output. Please make an appointment in advance. AV Service is unable to edit audiotapes at this time.

PAL Format

AV Services has no VCR or DVD player that can playback the PAL format. Equipment is available from Academic Media Services in Debartolo.

AV Services Does NOT Duplicate Copyrighted Material