Location of Materials

Level 3

Level 3, East Reading Room
In the reading room adjacent to the computing lab area you will find all of the state codes with the exception of Indiana and Michigan (which are located in the Main Reading Room). State codes on this floor are no longer updated.

Level 3, Stacks
The general stacks on this floor include American Law call numbers KF 1 (subject compilations of state laws) through KF 799 (probate law and practice), including full runs of the federal and regional reporters.

Also on Level 3
Carrels 1 – 101
Computer Lab
East Reading Room (State Codes)
Instruction Lab
LexisNexis Printer
Study Rooms 3319, 3325, 3342 — 3363
Technology Services Department

Level 2 (Main Entrance)

Reference materials are located on the shelves directly outside the research librarians’ offices, just inside the library’s main entrance.

You may ask for these materials at the Circulation Desk. Check-out times vary by title.

Current newspapers/magazines
A selection of popular and legal newspapers and magazines are available for perusal in the comfortable seating area just outside the south entrance to the Main Reading Room.

Main Reading Room
Located in the shelving alcoves in the Main Reading Room are certain high-use state and federal legislative, administrative, judicial and secondary sources such as the U.S. Code, Code of Federal Regulations, U.S. Reports, American Jurisprudence 2d, and Indiana Law Encyclopedia.

Level 2, Stacks
These stacks include more American Law titles on topics like torts and copyright in call numbers KF 800 through KF 3371.

Level 2, Microform
The higher-use microfiche titles, including archives of state codes and session laws, and CIS hearings, are located in cabinets adjacent to the Main Reading Room near the beginning of the stacks. Print guides which accompany the microfiche collection are available on Reserve, and local finding aids are available on tops of the microfiche cabinets.

Level 2, Special Collections Exhibit Room
Some of our rare books are on display in this room located next to the Circulation Desk.

Also on Level 2
Carrels 102 – 114
Circulation Desk
Catalog Stations (E)
Library Director’s Office, Room 2345B
Public Workstations
South Reading Room
Research Librarians

Level 1

Level 1, Stacks, Area A
Call numbers KF 3372 through KF 8741, including topics like employment discrimination and federal taxation, continue in this area directly below the Level 2 stacks.

Level 1, Stacks, Area B
This area houses books on topics such as civil procedure and criminal law in call numbers KF 8742 through KF 9999.

Also on Level 1
Carrels 115 – 152
Study Rooms 1342 – 1362

Lower Level

Call Number Range:
Stacks A: A1 — K8.D
Stacks B: K8.E — K23.R
Stacks C: K23.S — K3199
Stacks D: K3200 — KFM1999
Stacks E: KFM2000 — ZZZ

Lower Level, Microform Room
Located at the bottom of stairway 6 is the majority of the microfiche collection, including print guides to the many titles archived here. A microform reader is also located on this level, but unlike the reader on Level 2, this one can not convert microform to PDF documents.

Lower Level, Special Collections Storage
Located at the bottom of stairway 6 to your left is a climate controlled room housing rare books and the library’s archival and storage materials. Although these materials are accessible via LINK, this room is kept locked, so inquire at the Circulation Desk if you need to access it.

Lower Level, Storage
In the far southwest corner of Area E is a section of shelving devoted to storage of several large sets, including superseded volumes of the USCA and USCS, historic issues of the Code of Federal Regulations and Federal Register (the current editions of which are kept in the Main Reading Room) and also past years of the CCH Standard Federal Tax Reporter. (Note: These titles are labeled but are not in call number order.)

Also on the Lower Level
Study Rooms B332, B333, B334, B379