Library Services for Faculty


Library Services for Faculty

This is a summary of the library services that are offered to faculty. If you have any questions about these services, please direct them to the library department head responsible for that service.

Research Services

Dwight King, Department Head (1-5993) e-mail:

The Research Services Department of Dwight King, Trez Drake, Christopher O’Byrne, Warren Rees, and Beth Klein (with various student assistants) look forward to assisting you with your research in the upcoming academic year. We provide the following services:

  1. Reference and research assistance. We use print and electronic sources to find factual information for you, retrieve documents, locate legislative history information, identify relevant primary and secondary authorities, and compile bibliographies.
    We are not able to provide extensive analysis of the sources located. Therefore, we do not produce annotated bibliographies, legal memoranda, or briefs, etc. In addition, we ask that you assign tasks such as Shepardizing or cite-checking to your research assistant.

  2. BLOOMBERG LAW, LEXIS ADVANCE, and WESTLAWNEXT training. The Research Librarians will provide initial, refresher, advanced, and specialized training for you, your research assistant, administrative assistant, or students. We will also put you in touch with the BLOOMBERG, LEXIS, or WESTLAW academic representatives for class training or presentations.
    We can set up customized topical, citation, and docket alerts on BLOOMBERG LAW, LEXIS ADVANCE or WESTLAWNEXT. These will allow you to receive automatic updates in your area(s) of interest.

  3. Guidance for research assistants. Our department is happy to work with your assistants to help them formulate research strategies for your assignments.

  4. Lectures or tours. We will lecture in your classroom or hold special sessions in the library to show your students how to perform research in specific subject areas.

For assistance, contact: Dwight (1-5993),; Trez (1-5996),; Chris (1-5664), o’; or Warren (1-4436), or use our e-mail reference service,

Access Services

Carmela Kinslow, Department Head (1-5990) e-mail:

The staff of the Access Services Department–Carmela Kinslow and Janet Rose (with help from student assistants) offers:

  1. Circulation Services. Law faculty may charge out any resource in the library for an unlimited time; however, the material is subject to recall. An annual renewal of library material is done in June. We can place holds or recalls on sources not on the shelf.

  2. Document Delivery. We will retrieve or make photocopies of items in our collection or in the Hesburgh Library collections and deliver them to your office, desktop, or mailbox.

  3. Interlibrary Loan. We can acquire materials unavailable on campus through Interlibrary Loan.

  4. Reserve. We can place class materials, sample exams, and your course syllabi on Reserve.

  5. Scanning. We can provide limited scanning of your research documents or assist your research assistant in doing so using library equipment.

Contact us by using our electronic forms, by sending us an e-mail request at, or by calling 1-7024.

Technical Services

Joseph Thomas, Department Head (1-5992) e-mail:

  1. We route the Current Index to Legal Periodicals, which announces newly published periodical articles. SmartCILP is an e-mail version of this periodical index tailored to your areas of interest. Contact the Research Department to set up a SmartCILP subscription.

  2. We will route items to you. A photocopy of the item may be substituted in lieu of the item itself, if demand is heavy.

  3. We welcome your recommendations for additions to the library collection. If your recommendation is accepted—and it usually will be—the item will be ordered immediately. Should you request it, we will alert you when the item is received; we can also route it to your office. If your recommendation is not accepted, we will discuss the matter with you.

  4. We are prepared to purchase law books or legal information services for your personal use. These materials will be kept in your office, but they remain part of the library collection.

  5. We create and maintain records in Encore and the classic catalog relating to books, electronic resources, and other formats. We will be glad to answer any questions about accessing and using this information.

Technology Services

Dan Manier, Director of Law School Technology (1-3939) e-mail:

Clint Brown, Senior IT Engineer (1-1674),

Scott Hengert, Audio-Visual Engineer (1-5766),

Eric McCartney, Student Computing Manager (1-9793),

  1. Computer support. We provide configuration and troubleshooting assistance for technology-related research and teaching.
  2. Audio-Visual services. Call Scott Hengert with any A-V questions and for scheduling technology services for any class or presentation.


Ed Edmonds, Director/Associate Dean (1-5916) e-mail:

Please call Ed if you have special requests not covered above.