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The Law School encourages all students to consider the opportunity for studying abroad during either their second or third year of studies. To be eligible, rising second-year students must be in the top 80 percent of their class as of the end of the spring semester of their first year of studies based on GPA, and rising third-year students must be in the top 80 percent of their class as of the end of spring semester second year. Any student who does not meet that standard and who wishes to study abroad may ask the Dean to waive this requirement; any waiver shall be based on the Dean’s determination regarding whether there are sufficient grounds to conclude that the student will succeed academically in the program even given that student’s previous academic performance in law school. The Dean’s determination in this regard will be final and not appealable.

The Law School has assembled the following information and forms to assist you with your enrollment preparation.

Enrollment Intent and Insurance Application

Students interested in enrolling in the 2016-2017 Study in London Programme will need to fill out and submit the following forms.

Safety Living Abroad

Many students are concerned about living overseas. We have to put together a special guide to answer many of these questions.

Download the Risk Management & Safety Department International Travel Guide.

Scholarship Opportunities

Cost is large concern of students thinking about the London Programme. However, there are scholarship opportunities available.
Available Scholarships and Application

Visa Requirements

Visa Requirements information sheet for students.

Cost of Attendance 2015-2016

  Year Program $51,892
  Semester Program $25,946
Books and Supplies $1,538
Transportation $2,409
Personal and Living Expenses:
  Visa Application $525
  Living Expenses $9,635 (for semester)
  Travel $1,025 (for semester)