A Year or Semester in London

National Gallery Trafalger Square

Full-Year or Semester London Programmes


All courses and instruction conform to the standards of the Association of American Law Schools and the American Bar Association.

Opportunities to learn from both American and British professors.

Take courses in U.S. and international law with a comparative law element and choose from international and comparative law electives.

Explore externship placements with British barristers and solicitors or local American law firms.

Accommodations available in Greater London.

Programs can accommodate between 25 to 35 students each year.

Tuition is same as Notre Dame Law School’s main campus.

Housed in Notre Dame’s London Law Centre, located at the northwest corner of famed Trafalgar Square, the full-year and semester programmes offer students a unique educational experience both in and outside of the classroom.

The London curriculum changes to meet the needs and interests of students. For example, students might be offered standard American law courses as Business Associations, Commercial Transactions, Evidence, and Jurisprudence. However, in most cases, a comparative law element from another foreign law system is added. This gives students a chance to examine American law through different cultural and legal viewpoints.

“Students get a completely different prospective on American law, and as part of that, a sense that there’s often more than one solution to a legal problem,” says Geoffrey Bennett, Professor and Director of the Notre Dame London Law Program.

Additionally, the London location allows faculty to take their teaching out of the classroom and bring legal principles to life. Rather than just talk about the legal theory, students can actually visit locations, such as the British Museum, to view important historical items that influenced law.