Visiting Scholars

Spring Semester, 2013

duciran2Duciran Van Marsen Farena, the fourth recipient of the Notre Dame-Brazilian Fulbright Foundation fellowship, is an adjunct professor at the Federal University of Paraíba (Brazil) in the Public Law Department and a Federal Public Attorney in the Brazilian state of Paraíba. As Federal Public Attorney for Citizens’ Rights, he has handled several lawsuits involving the collective rights of vulnerable populations. His expertise includes the rights of indigenous and traditional peoples, and other issues concerning civil, economic and social rights (such as prisoners’ rights and the right to health care). He has represented the Federal Attorney General´s Office in national and international meetings in Rome and El Salvador. He is also a member of the Human Rights State Council and President of the State Council for Prevention of Torture in Paraíba (2012-2013).

Professor Farena has a LL.B. (1986) from Federal University of the State of Ceará (Brazil) and a Ph.D. in Economic Law from the University of São Paulo (1997). He has written on Administrative Law, Economic Law, and Human Rights, and is a columnist for the Jornal da Paraíba newspaper.

During his time at Notre Dame Law School as a Visiting Scholar until mid-April, he will focus his research on The Justiciability of the Right to Adequate Food. His office is located in 3353 Biolchini Hall.

Spring Semester, 2012

Professor Isabel Maria Sampaio Oliveira Lima, the third recipient of the Notre Dame-Brazilian Fulbright Foundation fellowship, has been as a tenured Professor at the Catholic University of Salvador (UCSal), in the state of Bahia, since 1996. She teaches children’s rights and human rights in the Ph.D. and Masters programs on Family in Contemporary Society at UCSal. She is also an Associate Professor at the Public Health Institute at Federal University of Bahia, in Health and Human Rights. Prof. Lima also coordinates a research group on human rights, the right to health and the family since 2002. Prior to her career in academia, she was a member of the bench, as a state judge, for 15 years. She also worked in East Timor (2007-2009) as a consultant for UNICEF and the Timorese Ministry of Justice. She is a member of the Judges for Democracy Association in Brazil. While at Notre Dame, Prof. Lima will pursue a research project titled “Children’s Rights and the Right to Health: Human Rights Challenges in Brazil.”

Spring Semester, 2011

Professor Jayme Benvenuto is an Assistant Professor and Director of the Center for Legal Sciences at the Catholic University of Pernambuco in Recife, Brazil. By agreement with our Center for Civil and Human Rights, he was awarded the second in a series of five annual research fellowships by the Brazilian Fulbright Foundation. His research involves, among other topics, the relationship between democracy and human rights, and the relationship between the judgments of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the domestic political context of the countries involved. He will be in 3359 Biolchini Hall until mid-April.

Judge Narciso Baez, a federal judge in the Brazilian State of Santa Catarina, is also a Professor of Constitutional Law in the law faculty of the University of the West of Santa Catarina. He has a Master’s Degree in Public Law and Social Evolution, and is pursuing doctoral studies in Fundamental and New Rights. His current research involves the concept and definition of human rights. He attempts to reconcile universal human values with cultural diversity in practice. He and his family will be here the entire semester. He will be working in 3357 Biolchini Hall.

Spring Semester, 2010

Gilberto M. A. Rodrigues

Gilberto Marcos Antonio Rodrigues is the inaugural holder of the Brazilian Fulbright Scholarship Program’s “Sergio Vieira de Mello Chair for Visiting Scholar” at the Center for Civil and Human Rights, Notre Dame Law School. He holds a Ph.D. in International Relations (2004) (with a scholarship from the Brazilian Scientific Council – CNPq), a LL.B. from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (1989) (PUC-SP), a M.A. in International Relations from the University for Peace, Costa Rica, and a Diploma in Conflict Resolution from the Uppsala University (1996). His research while holding the de Mello Chair at the Center for Civil and Human Rights will focus on Latin American Perspectives on the Responsibility to Protect (RtoP).

Dr. Rodrigues is currently a professor at the Law School of the Catholic University of Santos (UNISANTOS) where he coordinates the Sergio Vieira de Mello Chair in Human Rights in conjunction with the Brazilian UNHCR Office. He is Editor of the Human Sciences Journal Revista Leopoldianum and is a columnist at the A Tribuna de Santos Newspaper in Brazil. Dr. Rodrigues is a member of the Analysis Group on International Conflict Prevention (GAPCon) at the Candido Mendes University in Rio de Janeiro, the São Paulo Bar (OAB/SP) and the International Law Association. As a member of the Coordinadora Regional de Estudios Económicos y Sociales (CRIES) in Buenos Aires, Gilberto is part of the International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect (ICRtoP).

His recent publications in English, Portuguese and Spanish include:

  • Gilberto M. A. Rodrigues; Marcus Faro de Castro (2010). Brazil: Diversity and Unity. In Chattopadhyay et alli (Ed.). Dialogues on Diversity and Unity in Federal Countries. Montreal,Kingston/Ottawa: MacGill-Queens Univ.Press/Forum of Federations (Forthcoming).
  • Gilberto M. A. Rodrigues. (2009). Latin America, a ‘certain West’? In Janus Foreign Relations Yearbook. Lisboa: Universidade Autonoma de Lisboa/O Público, p.52-55 (See the Portuguese version.)
  • Gilberto M. A. Rodrigues; Andrés Serbin (2009). Responsabilidade de Proteger. A Tribuna, Santos (Brazil), 19/07/2009, p.C-8.
  • Gilberto M. A. Rodrigues et alli (Ed.) (2009). Cidades em Relações Internacionais. Análises e experiências brasileiras. São Paulo: Desatino.
  • Gilberto M. A. Rodrigues. (2009). O que são relações internacionais. 2ª ed. revista e atualizada, São Paulo: Brasiliense.
  • Gilberto M. A. Rodrigues (2008).
  • Gilberto M. A. Rodrigues (2007). Direito Internacional dos Refugiados. Uma perspectiva Brasileira. Anuário Brasileiro de Direito Internacional, Belo Horizonte (Brazil), II, v.1, p.164-78.
  • Gilberto M. A. Rodrigues et alli. (2007). C. Brigagão (Ed.). Haiti. O Brasil e a MINUSTAH. Cadernos GAPConflitos, Rio de Janeiro: Fundação Konrad Adenauer.
  • Gilberto M. A. Rodrigues (2006). Dubya and Lula. Autonomy through Global Concert. In: Gupta, Cherian (Ed.). The Second Bush Presidency. Global Perspectives. New Delhi: Observer Research Foundation/Pearson, Longman.
  • Gilberto M. A. Rodrigues; Clóvis Brigagão (2006). Política Externa Brasileira: Da Independência aos desafios do século XXI. São Paulo: Moderna.

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