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JacobBaska1329C Biolchini
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Director of Admissions and Financial Aid
JaimiLentine-Wood725 Howard Street South Bend, IN
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Senior Office Assistant
JamesHaigh1100 Eck Hall of Law574.631.6627
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  Assistant Adjunct Professor<a href="">Rebecca Ward</a>
JamesHall1100 Eck Hall of
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  James D. Hall was born in Warsaw, Indiana, and attended Purdue University where he received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 1958, and Indiana University where he received his Juris Doctor degree in 1961. From 1961 to 1964 he served as a Judge Advocate in the US Navy at the US Naval Station in Norfolk, Virginia. From 1964 to 1967 he worked in the Patent Department of the US Atomic Energy Commission in Germantown, Maryland. In 1967, he began private patent law practice in South Bend, Indiana, with the law firm of Oltsch & Knoblock founded in 1895. He has represented clients before the US Patent and Trademark Office, several Federal District and Circuit Courts, including the US Federal Circuit Court, the US International Trade Commission and the US Supreme Court. LAW70909, Patent LawAdjunct Faculty<a href="">Rebecca Ward</a>
JamesHarrold1100 Eck Hall of Law    Adjunct Faculty<a href="">Rebecca Ward</a>
JamesKelly1113 Eck Hall of Law574.631.7795574.631.6725J.Kelly@nd.edu
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  • Community Land Trusts
  • Land Banking
  • Land Use Planning & Regulation
  • Tax Foreclosure
  • Vacant and Abandoned Properties
Jim Kelly is Clinical Professor of Law at the Notre Dame Law School, where he teaches, researches and practices community development law. Prior to joining the law school faculty in 2011, Jim was Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Baltimore School of Law and Visiting Professor of Law at Washington and Lee University School of Law. At Baltimore, Jim directed and taught in the Community Development Clinic, while also teaching Professional Responsibility, Jurisprudence and Real Estate Finance. In Spring 2011, he taught Property and Legal Writing II at W&amp;L. Prof. Kelly earned his B.A. from the University of Virginia in 1987 and his J.D. from Columbia in 1994. Before going into teaching, Professor Kelly worked, as Executive Director of Save A Neighborhood, Inc. and Legal Consultant for Baltimore’s Project 5000, to assist the city government and community groups in acquiring clear title to vacant houses and vacant lots. He previously worked as a Staff Attorney for the Community Law Center, serving Baltimore nonprofits in their community revitalization efforts. From 1994 to 1999, he represented and counseled tenants and tenant groups for the Northern Manhattan Improvement Corp., where his work was funded by the Skadden Fellowship Foundation. Prof. Kelly has published several law review articles on community control of land resources through title-clearing litigation and community land trusts. His scholarship has appeared in the Journal of Affordable Housing &amp; Community Development Law, St. John’s Law Review, University of Cincinnati Law Review, Saint Louis University Public Law Review and DePaul Law Review. His law review articles have been cited by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit and the Supreme Court of Ohio. Prof. Kelly started and runs the <a href="">Community Development Clinic</a> at the Notre Dame Clinical Law Center. This new NDLS clinic provides students with supervised legal practice experience representing nonprofits and small businesses in transactional matters, including corporate formation, tax exemption, risk management planning, regulatory compliance, and real estate transfers. /assets/71753/original/kellyj.jpgLAW 70111, Real Estate Transactions LAW70345, Land Use Planning LAW75721, <a href="">Community Development Clinic</a><b>Articles and Essays</b> <i>A Continuum In Remedies: Reconnecting Abandoned Houses to the Market,</i> 33 St. Louis U. Pub. L. Rev. 109 (2013) (symposium). <a href=""><i>Maryland'€™s Affordable Housing Land Trusts Act,</i></a> 19 J. Affordable Housing &amp; Community Dev. 345 (2010) <i><a href="">Land Trusts that Conserve Communities</a></i>, 59 DePaul L. Rev. 69 (2009). <i><a href="">Homes Affordable for Good: Ground Leases and Covenants as Long-Term Resale-Restriction Devices</a></i>, 29 St. Louis U. Pub. L. Rev. 9 (2009) (symposium). <i><a href="">Bringing Clarity to Title Clearing: Tax Foreclosure and Due Process in the Digital Age</a></i>, 77 U. Cin. L. Rev. 63 (2008). <i><a href="">"We Shall Not Be Moved": Urban Communities, Eminent Domain and the Socioeconomics of Just Compensation</a></i>, 80 St. John's L. Rev 923 (2006). <i><a href="">Refreshing the Heart of the City: Vacant Building Receivership as a Tool for Neighborhood Revitalization and Community Improvement</a></i>, 13 J. Affordable Housing &amp; Community Dev. 210 (2004). Article 27 and Mexican Land Reform: The Legacy of Zapata's Dream, 25 Colum. Hum. Rts. L. Rev. 541 (1994) <b>Other Publications</b> Sharing the Wealth, 22 J. Affordable Housing and Community Dev. L. (forthcoming 2013) (book review) <a href="">Vacant &amp; Abandoned Properties Task Force Report,</a> February 2013, (with City of South Bend Staff) <a href="">An Assist from the State to Tackle Vacant Houses,</a> South Bend Tribune, Dec. 26, 2012 (with Mayor Pete Buttigieg) Inclusionary Housing on a Global Basis, 20 J. Affordable Housing and Community Dev. 259 (2012) (book review) Taming Eminent Domain, Shelterforce (Spring 2008) Project 5000: Assembling Insurable Title through Tax Foreclosure, Ground Notes (MSBA Newsletter, January 2003) Project 5000 Tax Sale Foreclosure Legal Manual (2002)<a href="">'1,000 properties in 1,000 days' Rehabbing part of mayor's report on vacant housing.</a> (Quotes: James Kelly) South Bend Tribune, February 28, 2013 <a href="">An assist from the state to tackle vacant houses</a> (By: Pete Buttigieg and James Kelly)South Bend Tribune, December 26, 2012 <a href="">Professor James Kelly Joins South Bend Mayor to Tackle Vacant &amp; Abandoned Properties</a> NDLS News, February 28, 2012 <a href="">Mayor appoints task force to tackle vacant housing</a> – South Bend Tribune, February 27, 2012Clinical Professor of Law
JamesSeckinger3102 Eck Hall of Law574.631.4844574.631.4197seckinger.1@nd.edu
  • Faculty
  • Tenured and Tenure-Track
  • Arbitration
  • Civil Litigation
  • Depositions & Discovery
  • Examination & Witnesses
  • Expert Testimony
  • International Dispute Resolution
  • Pre-trial Litigation
  • Trial Practice
  • War Crimes Tribunals
Jim Seckinger is recognized nationally and internationally as a top trial advocacy professor and practitioner. He has served on the faculty of Notre Dame Law School for 40 years, and was the Director of the National Institute for Trial Advocacy [NITA] for 15 years and a faculty member for 40+ years. Professor Seckinger has visited at <i>Cornell Law School</i> and the <i>University of Toronto Faculty of Law</i>. Jim Seckinger is widely published and has received numerous awards for his excellence in teaching trial advocacy, deposition skills, and evidence. Jim Seckinger is the recipient of the <i>ALI-ABA Committee on Continuing Professional Education’s</i> prestigious Francis Rawle Award. Jim Seckinger organized and taught trial advocacy skills to Prosecutors for the <i>International War Crimes Tribunal for Rwanda</i> in 1996 at the very outset of the Rwanda War Crimes investigations. Professor Seckinger provided similar training for the Prosecutors for the <i>Special Court for Sierra Leone</i> in 2004. Professor Seckinger has taught lawyers <i>common law</i> trial advocacy skills in Australia, El Salvador, London, New Zealand, Panama, Scotland, Singapore, several Provinces in Canada, and throughout the United States. Jim Seckinger is a member of the Board of Trustees, Executive Committee and Faculty for the <i>Foundation for International Arbitration Advocacy [FIAA]</i> headquartered in Geneva Switzerland. See Professor Seckinger is Education Director for FIAA, which has conducted Arbitration Advocacy Programs in Geneva, London, Mumbai, Paris, Sao Paolo, and Singapore. Recently Jim Seckinger received a <i>Lifetime Achievement Award</i>, where the presenter noted: <i>That's what Jim [Seckinger] does. He finds people; he lifts them up and then lets them go. It's a ministry for Jim, a mission, to leave things, people, better than when they came. It was a stupidly easy choice to award this lifetime achievement award to Jim Seckinger — a mentor, a friend, a fundamentalist, and the foundation for advocacy training, not only in the U.S., but around the world. And he shares. It's the greatest gift professionally anyone could ever give.</i>  /assets/71701/original/seckinger.jpgLAW75715, Deposition Skills LAW75710, Intensive Trial Advocacy<b>Books</b> Problems in Trial Advocacy, Notre Dame Law School Edition (National Institute for Trial Advocacy, 2d ed. 1996). Problems and Cases in Trial Advocacy, Law School Edition, 2 vols., with K.S. Broun (NITA 1977; 2d ed. 1981; 3d ed. 1987; 4th ed. 1990; 4th ed. revised 1993; 5th ed. 1995). Problems and Cases in Trial Advocacy, CLE Edition, vol. 1 (problems), vol. 2 (cases), with A.J. Bocchino and D.H. Beskind (NITA, 5th ed. revised 1992, 6th ed. 1995). Problems and Cases in Trial Advocacy, New Zealand Edition, et al. (New Zealand Law Society 1986). Materials for Trial Advocacy: Problems and Case Files Adapted for Canadian Use, English/French Bilingual Edition, with K.S. Broun and G.D. Watson (Osgoode Hall Law School of York University and Ecole de Droit de L’Universite de Moncton 1983, 1989, 1993, 1997). Teachers'€™ Manual for Problems and Cases in Trial Advocacy, Law School Edition, with K.S. Broun (NITA 1977; 2d ed. 1981; 3d ed. 1987; 4th ed. 1990; 4th ed. revised 1993). Teachers Manual for Problems and Cases in Trial Advocacy, New Zealand Edition, with others (New Zealand Law Society 1986). <b>Articles</b> Professor Seckinger has published numerous articles on the subject of trial advocacy and trial techniques, including: <i>Closing Argument,</i> 19 American Journal of Trial Advocacy 51 (1995). <b>Other Items</b> Presenting Expert Testimony -€” An American Perspective (Australian Legal Convention 1991). The NITA Method and Effective Teaching Techniques (two videotapes) (NITA 1991).<a href="">Law professor a founding director of international arbitration organization</a> – ND Newswire – October 22, 2007 <a href="">Teaching order’ in the court</a> – ND Newswire – May 01, 2005Professor of Law
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JaneBarden725 Howard Street South Bend, IN
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  Program Coordinator, Interdisciplinary Family Mediation &Translational Research
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JaneSimon2111 Eck Hall of
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  • Legal Writing
 Professor Simon teaches Legal Writing I and Legal Research and Writing II to first year students. She earned her B.A. in Business Administration, cum laude, from Michigan State University in 1984. She earned her J.D., cum laude, from Indiana University in Bloomington in 1987, where she served as executive editor of the Indiana Law Journal. After graduating from law school, Professor Simon was a litigator at two Chicago law firms, Johnson & Bell, and McDermott, Will & Emery where she litigated employment discrimination and intellectual property cases at both the trial and appellate levels. She also served as a law clerk to Judge Wayne R. Andersen in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. Professor Simon is the founder of a legal writing and research service, Professor Simon joined Notre Dame in 2006 as an Adjunct Assistant Professor. /assets/71730/original/simon.jpgLAW60705, Legal Writing I LAW60707, Legal Writing II<b>Note</b> <i>Striking Down the Clergyman-Communicant Privilege Statutes: Let Free Exercise of Religion Govern</i>, 62 Ind. L.J. 397 (1987) Adjunct Assistant Professor