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PaulHarold1100 Eck Hall of LawPaul.E.Harold.2@nd.edu
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 Paul focuses his practice on business litigation and labor and employment litigation and counseling. Before joining the Firm, Paul served two years as a law clerk to the Honorable Daniel A. Manion of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit and two years as a law clerk to the Honorable J. Leon Holmes of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas. During his clerkships, Paul assisted these federal trial and appellate court judges in conducting legal research and analyzing a broad range of issues presented in cases before the courts and drafting judicial opinions. His clerkship experience included an emphasis on employment matters, which dominate the federal judiciary's civil docket. Paul earned his J.D. magna cum laude from Notre Dame Law School in 2005, where he served as the Articles Editor of the Notre Dame Law Review and President of the St. Thomas More Society. He graduated summa cum laude from Franciscan University of Steubenville in 2002, receiving a B.A. in History and a B.S. in Mathematics. Paul is admitted to practice before all state and federal courts in Indiana, as well as the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, the United States District Court for the Western District of Michigan, and the United States Courts of Appeals for the Sixth and Seventh Circuits. ProfessorPHAROLD
PaulPeralta1100 Eck Hall of
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  LAW70109, Business TortsAdjunct Professor
PaulShagen1100 Eck Hall of Law574.631.6627    Adjunct FacultyRebecca WardPSHAGEN
PaulitaPike1100 Eck Hall of Law574.631.6166
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  Adjunct Professor
PeterHorvath1102 Eck Hall of
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Student Services Program Director 
RandyKozelJ.2118 Eck Hall of Law574.631.2727574.631.8078rkozel@nd.edu
  • Faculty
  • Tenure and Tenure-track Faculty
  • Constitutional Law
  • Constitutional Theory
  • Contracts
  • Federal Courts
  • Free Speech & Expressive Association
  • Judicial Process
  • Precedent & Legal Change
  • Stare Decisis
  • Supreme Court of the United States
Randy J. Kozel joined the Law School faculty in 2011 and served as a Visiting Professor at the London Law Centre in 2013. He was named the Distinguished Teacher of the Year by the Class of 2014. Professor Kozel teaches and researches in fields including constitutional law, federal courts, and contract law, with a particular focus on the role of precedent in legal decisionmaking. He has presented his work at conferences in the United States, United Kingdom, and China. His recent scholarship exploring the connection between judicial precedent and interpretive philosophy has been published or is forthcoming in the California Law Review, the Michigan Law Review, the Texas Law Review, and the Vanderbilt Law Review. His forthcoming book on precedent, entitled Settled Versus Right: A Theory of Precedent, is under contract with Cambridge University Press. Professor Kozel received his J.D., magna cum laude, from Harvard Law School, where he was the Articles Committee Chair of the Harvard Law Review. He served as a law clerk for Justice Anthony M. Kennedy at the U.S. Supreme Court, and for Judge Alex Kozinski at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. He has also practiced as a litigator with a large law firm and as Special Counsel to the General Counsel at General Electric Company. /assets/71661/original/kozel.jpgContracts Freedom of Speech Legal Change SeminarSelected Publications Settled Versus Right: A Theory of Precedent (under contract, Cambridge University Press) Stare Decisis in the Second-Best World, 103 California Law Review 1139 (2015) Original Meaning and the Precedent Fallback, 65 Vanderbilt Law Review 105 (2015) The Scope of Precedent, 113 Michigan Law Review 179 (2014) Institutional Autonomy and Constitutional Structure, 112 Michigan Law Review 957 (2014) Settled Versus Right: Constitutional Method and the Path of Precedent, 91 Texas Law Review 1843 (2013). Republished as abridged in Precedent on the U.S. Supreme Court: Theory and Practice (Christopher J. Peters, ed.) (2014) The Rule of Law and the Perils of Precedent, 111 Michigan Law Review First Impressions 37 (2013) Precedent and Reliance, 62 Emory Law Journal 1459 (2013) Free Speech and Parity: A Theory of Public Employee Rights, 53 William & Mary Law Review 1985 (2012). Republished as abridged at The Legal Workshop Administrative Change, 59 UCLA Law Review 112 (2011) (with Jeff Pojanowski) Stare Decisis as Judicial Doctrine, 67 Washington & Lee Law Review 411 (2010) Reconceptualizing Public Employee Speech, 99 Northwestern University Law Review 1007 (2005) Solving the Nuisance-Value Settlement Problem: Mandatory Summary Judgment, 90 Virginia Law Review 1849 (2004) (with David Rosenberg) Note, Locating Investment Asymmetries and Optimal Deterrence in the Mass Tort Class Action, 117 Harvard Law Review 2665 (2004)Commencement Address delivered to the Class of 2014, May 17, 2014 Leading U.S. and U.K. Scholars to Gather at Notre Dame London Centre to Address "International Perspectives on Public Law" Roundtable Gives Leading Scholars Opportunity to Discuss “The Constitution and Unwritten Law” at NDLS Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy Visits NDLS London Law ProgramAssociate Professor of LawBeth FerrettieRKOZEL
RebeccaWard1100 Eck Hall of   Senior Office Assistant for: Emeriti Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, Law School Administrators, Receptionist Senior Office Assistant
Rev. WilliamDaileyR.2113 Eck Hall of Law574.631.4778574.631.8078William.R.Dailey.16@nd.edu
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  • Adjunct
  • Administrative Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Professional Responsibility
Rev. William R. Dailey, C.S.C., is a member of the Congregation of Holy Cross and serves at Notre Dame Law School as a Lecturer in Law. Fr. Dailey earned his B.A. in Philosophy summa cum laude from the University of Notre Dame, where his thesis on Charles Sanders Pierce was honored as the Most Outstanding Senior Honors Thesis. After teaching Philosophy and working in Administration at the University of Portland, Fr. Dailey attended Columbia Law School, where he was a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar. He served as a law clerk to Judge Diarmuid F. O’Scannlain of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, and then practiced law in Washington, D.C. with Wiley Rein LLP. In 2009, he returned to Columbia Law School as a Visiting Scholar. Fr. Dailey’s teaching and scholarly interests are in the areas of administrative law, professional responsibility, and immigration. /assets/75603/original/dailey.jpg Who is the Attorney General’s Client?, 87 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1113 (2012).One priest’s early thoughts on Pope Francis’s ways (Quotes: Rev. William Dailey, C.S.C.) - Washington Post, July 31, 2013 How will Pope Benedict XVI be judged? - Video on - Guest, Up w/ Chris Hayes - February 17, 2013 Father Bill Dailey on Birth Control Compromise - Video on - Guest, Up w/ Chris Hayes - February 11, 2012Lecturer in LawDebbie Sumptionwdailey1
RichardGarnett3164 Eck Hall of Law574.631.6981574.631.8078rgarnett@nd.edu
  • Faculty
  • Tenure and Tenure-track Faculty
  • Church / State Relations
  • Constitutional Law
  • Criminal Law & Procedure
  • Death Penalty
  • Education Reform & Policy
  • Federalism & Criminal Law
  • Free Exercise of Religion
  • Free Speech & Expressive Association
  • Law & Religion
  • Religion in the Public Square
  • School Choice
Professor Richard Garnett teaches and writes about the freedoms of speech, association, and religion, and also about constitutional law more generally. He is a leading authority on questions and debates regarding the role of religious believers and beliefs in politics and society. He has published widely on these matters, and is the author of dozens of law-review articles and book chapters. His current research project, Two There Are: Understanding the Separation of Church and State, will be published by Cambridge University Press. Professor Garnett is regularly invited to share analysis and commentary in national print and broadcast media, and he contributes to several law-related blogs, including Mirror of Justice and PrawfsBlawg. He is the founding director of Notre Dame Law School’s new Program on Church, State, and Society, an interdisciplinary project that focuses on the role of religious institutions, communities, and authorities in the social order. Professor Garnett clerked for the late Chief Justice of the United States William H. Rehnquist during the Court’s 1996 term and also for the late Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, Richard S. Arnold. Professor Garnett is closely involved with a number of efforts to improve and strengthen Catholic schools and to reform education policy more generally. He served on the Notre Dame Task Force on Catholic Education, is a Fellow of the University’s Institute for Educational Initiatives, is a founding Associate of the American Center for School Choice, and consults regularly with the Alliance for Catholic Education. He is also serves on the school board of St. Joseph Grade School in South Bend, Indiana. Follow @MirrorJustice !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)?'http':'https';if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=p+'://';fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document, 'script', 'twitter-wjs');
  • Deans
/assets/71645/original/garnettr.jpgLAW60307, Constitutional Law LAW60302, Criminal Law LAW70304, Freedom of Religion LAW70306, The Death Penalty LAW70307, Freedom of Speech/The First Amendment LAW70359, Constitutional Criminal Procedure LAW73836, Catholic Social ThoughtBooks FIRST AMENDMENT STORIES (editor, with Andrew Koppelman) (Foundation Press, 2011). Articles and Review Essays Religious Accommodations and—and Among—Civil Rights: Separation, Toleration, and Accommodation, 88 S. CAL. L. REV. 493 (2015). Accommodation, Establishment, and Freedom of Religion, 67 VAND. L. REV. EN BANC 39 (2014). “The Freedom of the Church”: (Towards) an Exposition, Translation, and Defense, 21 J. CONTEMP. LEGAL ISSUES 33 (2013). The Story of Kedroff v. St. Nicholas Cathedral, 38 J. SUPREME COURT HISTORY 80 (2013). Neutrality and the Good of Religious Freedom: An Appreciative Response to Professor Koppelman, 39 PEPPERDINE L. REV. 1149 (2013). Hosanna-Tabor, Religious Freedom, and Constitutional Structure, 2011-12 CATO SUPREME COURT REVIEW 307 (with John M. Robinson). Religious Freedom, Church-State Separation, and the Ministerial Exception, 106 NW. U. L. REV. COLLOQUY 175 (2011). The Political (and Other) Safeguards of Religious Freedom, 32 CARDOZO L. REV. 1815 (2011). Standing, Spending, and Separation: How the No-Establishment Rule Does (and Does Not) Protect Conscience, 54 VILL. L. REV. 655 (2009). A Hand's-Off Approach to Religious Doctrine: What Are We Talking About?, 8 NOTRE DAME L. REV. 837 (2009). Religious Freedom, Church Autonomy, and Constitutionalism, 57 DRAKE L. REV. 901 (2009). Judicial Review, Local Values, and Pluralism, in The People & The Courts: The 27th Annual National Federalist Society Student Symposium on Law and Public Policy, 32 HARV. J. L. & PUB. POL’Y 5 (2009). Can There Really Be "Free Speech" in Public Schools?, 12 LEWIS & CLARK L. REV. 45-59 (2008). Do Churches Matter? Towards an Institutional Understanding of the Religion Clauses, 53 VILLANOVA L. REV. 273-96 (2008). Religion and Group Rights: Are Churches (Just) Like the Boy Scouts?, 22 ST. JOHN'S J. LEG. COMMENT. 515 (2007). Pluralism, Dialogue, and Freedom: Professor Robert Rodes and the Church-State Nexus, 22 J. L. & RELIGION 503 (2007). Church, State, and the Practice of Love, 52 VILLANOVA L. REV. 281 (2007). Civic Unity and Religious Pluralism, 23 CONST. COMMENT. 241 (2006) (reviewing NOAH FELDMAN, DIVIDED BY GOD: AMERICA'S CHURCH-STATE PROBLEM AND WHAT WE SHOULD DO ABOUT IT (2005) and KEVIN SEAMUS HASSON, THE RIGHT TO BE WRONG: ENDING THE CULTURE WAR OVER RELIGION IN AMERICA (2005)). Taking Accommodation Seriously: Religious Freedom and the O Centro Case, 2006 CATO SUP. CT. REV. 257 (2006) (with Joshua D. Dunlap). Religion, Division, and the First Amendment, 94 GEO. L.J. 1666 (2006). The Freedom of the Church, 4 J. CATH. SOCIAL THOUGHT 59 (2006). Changing Minds: Proselytism, Freedom, and the First Amendment, 2 UNIV. OF ST. THOMAS L. J. 453 (2005). Jaycees Reconsidered: Judge Richard S. Arnold and the Freedom of Association, 58 ARKANSAS L. REV. 587 (2005). Assimilation, Toleration, and the State’s Interest in Religious Doctrine, 51 U.C.L.A. L. REV. 1645 (2004). American Conversations With(in) Catholicism, 102 MICH. L. REV. 1191 (2004)(reviewing JOHN T. MCGREEVY, CATHOLICISM AND AMERICAN FREEDOM: A HISTORY (2003)). The Theology of the Blaine Amendments, 2 FIRST. AMD. L. REV. 45 (2003). The New Federalism, the Spending Power, and Federal Criminal Law, 89 CORNELL L.REV. 1 (2003). Christian Witness, Moral Anthropology, and the Death Penalty, 17 NOTRE DAME J. ETHICS, L. & PUB. POL'Y 541 (2003). The Right Questions About Schoo1 Choice: Education, Religious Freedom, and the Common Good, 23 CARDOZO L. REV. 1281 (2002). Sectarian Reflections on Lawyers' Ethics and Death-Row Volunteers, 77 NOTRE DAME L.REV. 795 (2002). Common Schools and the Common Good: Reflections on the School-Choice Debate, 75 ST. JOHN'S LAW REV. 219 (2001). A Quiet Faith? Taxes, Politics, and the Privatization of Religion, 42 B.C. L. REV. 771 (2001). The Story of Henry Adams' Soul: Education and the Expression of Associations, 85 MINN. L. REV. 1841 (2001). Brown'€™s Promise, Blaine's Legacy, 17 CONST. COMM. 651 (2000) (reviewing JOSEPH P. VITERITTI, CHOOSING EQUALITY: SCHOOL CHOICE, THE CONSTITUTION, AND CIVIL SOCIETY (1999)). Taking Pierce Seriously: The Family, Religious Education, and Harm to Children, 76 NOTRE DAME L. REV. 109 (2000). Francis Bacon Takes On the Ghouls: The “First Principles” of Religious Freedom, 3 GREEN BAG 2D 447 (2000) (reviewing JOHN WITTE JR., RELIGION AND THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTIONAL EXPERIMENT (2000)). School Choice, The First Amendment, and Social Justice, 4 TEX. REV. L. & POL. 301 (2000)(with Nicole Stelle Garnett). Once More Into the Maze: United States v. Lopez, Tribal Self-Determination, and Federal Conspiracy Jurisdiction in Indian Country, 72 N.D. L. REV. 433 (1996). Why Informed Consent? Human Experimentation and the Ethics of Autonomy, 36 CATH. LAW. 455 (1996). Note, Depravity Thrice Removed: Using the “Heinous, Cruel, or Depraved” Factor to Aggravate Convictions of Nontriggermen Accomplices in Capital Cases, 103 YALE L. J. 2471 (1994). Book Chapters The Story of Kedroff v. St. Nicholas Cathedral, 38 J. SUP. CT. HIST. 80-93 (2013). Religious liberty, church autonomy, and the structure of freedom, in CHRISTIANITY AND HUMAN RIGHTS: AN INTRODUCTION (John Witte, Jr., & Frank S. Alexander, eds., Cambridge 2010) Less Is More: Justice Rehnquist, the Freedom of Speech, and Democracy, in C. BRADLEY, ED., THE REHNQUIST LEGACY (2006). "€œEverlasting Splendours"€: Death-Row Volunteers, Lawyers'€™ Ethics, and the Dignity of Creatures, in MICHAEL A. SCAPERLANDA & TERESA STANTON COLLETT, EDS., SELFEVIDENT TRUTHS: CATHOLIC PERSPECTIVES ON AMERICAN LAW (2007). Regulatory Strings and Religious Freedom: Requiring Private Schools To Promote Public Values, in S. MACEDO, ET AL., EDS., EDUCATING CITIZENS: INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVES ON CIVIC VALUES AND SCHOOL CHOICE 324 (2004). Christian Witness, Moral Anthropology, and the Death Penalty, in ERIK C. OWENS, ET AL., EDS., A CALL FOR RECKONING: RELIGION AND THE DEATH PENALTY 139 (2004). Other Legal Publications Brief of Richard W. Garnett, Michael Stokes Paulsen, & Eugene Volokh as Amici Curiae in Support of Petitioners, McCullen v. Coakley, No. 12-1168, (U.S. April 24, 2013), 2013 WL 1770863. Drop "€œCoffers",€ 10 GREEN BAG 2d 299 (2007) (with Benjamin P. Carr). Free To Believe, FIRST THINGS (May 2007) (reviewing CHRISTOPHER L. EISGRUBER & LAWRENCE G. SAGER, RELIGIOUS FREEDOM AND THE CONSTITUTION (2007)). Individuals First, COMMONWEAL (April 6, 2007) (reviewing CHARLES FRIED, MODERN LIBERTY AND THE LIMITS OF GOVERNMENT (2006)). Law, Lawyers, the Court, and Catholicism, American Catholic Studies Newsletter, Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism, Vol. 33, No. 2 (Fall 2006). Debate, Judicial Activism and its Critics, 155 U. PENN. L. REV. PENNUMBRA 112 (2006), (with Kermit Roosevelt). Personal Reflections on the Chief, 10 TEX. REV. L. & POL. 283 (2006). Chief Justice Rehnquist’s Enduring, Democratic Constitution,29 HARV. J. L. & PUB. POL’Y 395 (2006). William H. Rehnquist: A Life Lived Greatly, and Well, 115 YALE L. J. 1847 (2006). Introduction: Religion, Division, and the Constitution, 15 WM. & MARY BILL OF RIGHTS J. 1 (2006). Chief Justice Rehnquist and the Freedom of Speech, ENGAGE (Vol. 7, Issue 1) (2006). Bush v. Holmes: School Vouchers, Religious Freedom, and State Constitutions, 17 EDUC. & THE LAW 173 (2005) (with Christopher S. Pearsall). Permanent Conflict, COMMONWEAL (Nov. 18, 2005) (reviewing NOAH FELDMAN, DIVIDED BY GOD (2005), MARCI A. HAMILTON, GOD VS. THE GAVEL (2005), and WINNIFRED FALLERS SULLIVAN, THE IMPOSSIBILITY OF RELIGIOUS FREEDOM (2005)). Good News Club v. Milford Central School, in K. HALL, ED., THE OXFORD COMPANION TO THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES (2005). Public Trial, in MATTHEW SPALDING & DAVID FORTE, EDS, THE HERITAGE GUIDE TO THE CONSTITUTION (2005). Hail to the Chief?, LEGAL AFFAIRS (March 2005). Citizens, Not Outlaws, NATIONAL REVIEW (Aug. 11, 2003) (reviewing MICHAEL J. PERRY, UNDER GOD? RELIGIOUS FAITH AND LIBERAL DEMOCRACY (2003)). Final Justice, AMERICA (Oct. 27, 2003) (reviewing S. BANNER, THE DEATH PENALTY: AN AMERICAN HISTORY (2002) & F. ZIMRING, THE CONTRADICTIONS OF AMERICAN CAPITAL PUNISHMENT (2003)). The Rehnquist Choice, TRIAL (June 2002) (reviewing JOHN DEAN, THE REHNQUIST CHOICE (2002)). Section 666, The Spending Power, and the Federalization of Criminal Law: Salinas, Fischer, and the Way Ahead, THE CHAMPION (May 2001) (with John P. Elwood). Education Reform at the Crossroads: Politics, The Constitution, and the Battle Over School Choice, 10 GEO. MASON CIV. R. L. J. 107 (2000). What Are the Limits on Warrantless Drug Testing of Pregnant Women?, 1 A.B.A. PREVIEW 31 (September 13, 2000). Does the Constitution Permit Federal Prosecution for the Arson of a Private Residence?, 6 A.B.A. PREVIEW 331 (March 8, 2000). Are Payments to a Hospital for Services Provided Medicare Beneficiaries “Benefits” Under the Federal-Program Bribery Statute?, 5 A.B.A. PREVIEW 251 (February 5, 2000). Tribute to the Honorable Richard S. Arnold, 1 J. APP. PRAC. & PROC. 204 (1999). The Justice of School Choice, THE WEEKLY STANDARD (December 13, 1999) (reviewing JOSEPH P. VITERITTI, CHOOSING EQUALITY: SCHOOL CHOICE, THE CONSTITUTION, AND CIVIL SOCIETY (1999)). Selected Commentary and Opinion Pieces When Catholicism was the Target, USA TODAY (Jan. 28, 2008). Our Real National Pastime, USA TODAY (Sept. 10, 2007). Carhart, Casey, and the Courtâs Catholics, JURIST (April 25, 2007). China's Lesson on Freedom of Religion, USA TODAY (March 26, 2007). What Would Lincoln Do? A Test for the Roberts Court, THE WEEKLY STANDARD (Oct. 16, 2006) (with Michael Stokes Paulsen). Don't Use First Amendment To Erase Divisions, LOS ANGELES DAILY JOURNAL (October 9, 2006). Downsizing and the Catholic Church, USA TODAY (July 16, 2006). Campaigning from the Pulpit: Why Not, USA TODAY (April 16, 2006). An Unassuming Decision, NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE (Feb. 23, 2006). Two Justices Who "Get" Religion, USA TODAY (Jan. 23, 2006). Religious Expression Should Be Welcomed, Indianapolis Star (July 17, 2005). Unanimous!, National Review Online (June 1, 2005). How High a Wall?, Commonweal (May 2005). Debate Club, Legal Affairs (Feb. 2005). Hail to the Chief?" 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Lieberman Talks the Talk, The Los Angeles Times (Oct. 29, 2000). Establishment Clause Housecleaning, National Review Online (June 28, 2000). The Courts and Abortion, The Weekly Standard (June 12, 2000). A Victory for the Family, The Wall Street Journal (June 6, 2000). Free the States, or Free the People?, The Legal Times (April 10, 2000). Why Kiryas Joel Matters, Jewish World Review (May 25, 1999). After 200 Years, School Choice Loses in Maine, The Wall Street Journal (May 3, 1999).Prayer at one Washington school: Religious freedom on the 50-yard line? (Quotes: Richard Garnett) Christian Science Monitor, Oct. 30, 2015. How to Protect Endangered Religious Groups You Admire – (Opinion: by Richard Garnett) Christianity Today – August 4, 2015 Two Overlooked Free Speech Rulings from SCOTUS – (Opinion: by Richard Garnett) America – June 19, 2015 Supreme Court sides with Muslim girl denied a job over head scarf (Quotes: Richard Garnett) LA Times, June 1, 2015 Should Washington set out to change religious beliefs? – (Opinion: by Richard Garnett) USA Today – May 20, 2015 Bishops call for ‘mutual respect’ in ‘necessary dialogue’ on RFRA (Quotes: Richard Garnett) National Catholic Reporter, April 1, 2015 What the ‘religious freedom’ law really means for Indiana (Quotes: Richard Garnett) USA Today, March 31, 2015 Viewpoint: Correcting misimpressions about religious freedom (Opinion: by Richard Garnett) South Bend Tribune, March 26, 2015 Parents’ Beliefs Should Be Honored, Within Reason (Opinion: by Richard Garnett) New York Times, March 10, 2015 Indiana religious freedom bills fraught with rhetoric (Quotes: Richard Garnett) Indianapolis Star, February 7, 2015 While House redistricting may keep GOP in place, real battle is within the party (Quotes: Richard Garnett) National Catholic Reporter, October 14, 2014 Justices' new term has expectations on gay unions (Quotes: Richard Garnett) Associated Press, October 5, 2014 What do recent botched executions mean for death penalty? (Quotes: Richard Garnett) South Bend Tribune, August 31, 2014 Among Justices, Considering a Divide Not of Gender or Politics, but of Beliefs (Quotes: Richard Garnett) New York Times, July 11, 2014 Symposium: Religious pluralism, civic unity, and the judicial role SCOTUSblog Special Feature: Legislative prayer symposium Legislative prayer symposium - May 8, 2014 Rick Garnett appeared on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer Prayer in America May 5, 2014 Supreme Court Upholds Prayer at Town Meetings (Quotes: Richard Garnett) ABC News, May 5, 2014 Supreme Court approves sectarian prayer at public meetings (Quotes: Richard Garnett) Religion News Service, May 5, 2014 Prayers Before Town Hall Meetings Are Constitutional, High Court Finds (Quotes: Richard Garnett) CNN, May 1, 2014 Oklahoma’s botched lethal injection marks new front in battle over executions A New Plot to Change the Pledge - (Quotes: Richard Garnett) The American Prospect, September 9, 2013 Worth Worrying About? Same-Sex Marriage & Religious Freedom (Opinion: by Richard Garnett) Commonweal, July 17, 2013 ‘Every person, because he or she is a person, has the right to religious liberty’ - (Quotes: Richard Garnett) Today's Catholic News, July 11, 2013 Is Anthony Kennedy 'the first gay justice'? (Quotes: Richard Garnett) CNN, June 28, 2013 A conservative Supreme Court swerves to avoid easy definition (Quotes: Richard Garnett) Washington Post, June 27, 2013 Supreme Court Extends Gay-Marriage Rights With Two Rulings (Quotes: Richard Garnett) NPR, June 26, 2013 Who Gets Religious Exemptions And Why - (Guest) NPR Talk of the Nation - February 21, 2013 Simple Justice: Kids Deserve School Choice – (Opinion: by Richard Garnett) Public Discourse – February 4, 2013 Individuals, Institutions and Religious Freedom, November 29, 2012 The Conscience of a Judicial Conservative – (Opinion: by Richard Garnett) The Wall Street Journal – October 23, 2012 Obamacare: US judge lets Catholic-owned firm cut contraception from coverage (Quotes: Richard Garnett) Christian Science Monitor – July 27, 2012 Judge Backs Catholic Owners of Firm on Health-Law Rule‎ (Quotes: Richard Garnett) Wall Street Journal – July 27, 2012 basics after the ruling – (Opinion: by Richard Garnett) Chicago Tribune – July 1, 2012 Conservatives Misguided Criticism of Roberts (Opinion: by Richard Garnett) National Review – June 28, 2012 Beyond the mandate: Court’s ruling on another ACA provision could have sweeping implications (Quotes: Richard Garnett) MSNBC – June 28, 2012 Legal Scholars React: ‘Many People Were Stunned’ – NPR – June 28, 2012 Following Supreme Court health-care ruling, House GOP will again try to repeal the law (Quotes: Richard Garnett) Washington Post – June 28, 2012 Liberals’ threats to Supreme Court over ObamaCare are a bad (and dumb) idea (Opinion: by Richard Garnett) Fox – May 29, 2012 43 Catholic institutions file suit against the Obama administration, MSNBC TV – May 22, 2012 Contraception Controversy, Fox News (On the Record with Greta van Susteren) – May 22, 2012 Catholic groups sue over federal contraception mandate (affiliate reprints), – May 22, 2012 Catholic organizations across the country file suit against contraception mandate, Fox – May 22, 2012 Catholics Sue Over Health Mandate, Wall Street Journal – May 22, 2012 Do Lawsuits over Contraception Requirement Have a Shot?, Wall Street Journal – May 22, 2012 Catholic groups take fight against Obama birth-control rules to court, Yahoo! News – May 22, 2012 Local Catholic groups join fight against Obama birth control mandate, Chicago Tribune – May 22, 2012 Catholic Church Attacks Birth-Control Mandate in Court, Bloomberg – May 22, 2012 Businessweek – May 21, 2012 Catholic Church Attacks Birth-Control Mandate in Court‎ Catholic groups take fight against Obama birth-control rules to court‎, Christian Science Monitor – May 22, 2012 Birth-control goes to court, again, Alaska Dispatch – May 22, 2012 Unprecedented Legal Action Takes HHS Mandate Battle to the Courts, National Catholic Register – May 22, 2012 Lawsuits Seek to Vindicate Religious Freedom, National Review Online – May 22, 2012 Catholics orgs sue to block contraception mandate in healthcare law, WLS – May 22, 2012 HHS mandate still undermines religious freedom (Opinion: by Richard Garnett) USA Today, February 15, 2012 Landmark Supreme Court ruling a ‘resounding win’ for religious groups (Quotes: Richard Garnett) Christian Science Monitor, January 11, 2012 Supreme Court: Church-state separation extends to religious schools (Quotes: Richard Garnett) LA Times, January 11, 2012 Supreme Court: Religious Workers Can’t Sue for Job Discrimination (Quotes: Richard Garnett) US News & World Report, January 11, 2012 Is Religious Freedom in America at Risk?" - Panelist at Institute for Law and Religion Debate by USD School of Law - October 31, 2012 (iTunes video) Religious Freedom and the Constitution (Constitution Week Lecture) from CreMedia on Vimeo. Watch What does separation of church and state mean? on PBS. See more from Constitution USA with Peter Sagal.Paul J. Schierl/Fort Howard Corporation ProfessorConcurrent Professor of Political ScienceSharon LoftusRGARNETT
RichardHerbst1155 Eck Hall of
  • Staff
  Rick Herbst joined Notre Dame Law School as Assistant Director for Public Interest Law in 2011. He graduated from Notre Dame in 2004 with a B.A. in Psychology and Film, Television, and Theater and was Salutatorian of his class. In 2007, Rick graduated from Yale Law School, where he served as an Editor for the Yale Law and Policy Review, as Articles Editor for the Yale Journal of Law and the Humanities, and as a Teaching Fellow. Rick then attended the University of Cambridge, from which he earned his M.Phil in Criminological Research in 2008. Serving as a Fox Fellow at Sidney Sussex College while at Cambridge, Rick’s dissertation was on animal fighting in modern history. After litigating for a large firm in Los Angeles, Rick worked in rural Iowa with individuals who had been victims of human rights violations. While in school and as a graduate, Rick has been involved in numerous public service activities, including work with AmeriCorps, Notre Dame’s Center for Social Concerns, the Pro Bono Network, the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Center, and the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library.
  • Career Development Office
/assets/72131/original/herbst.jpgAssistant Director for Public Interest