Summer Federal Work Study and Law School Funding

Summer Federal Work Study and Law School Funding Programs

Notre Dame students may receive $3000 in federal work study funding and $1000 in law school funding for performing otherwise unpaid legal work in public interest, government, and judicial chambers. Eligible students working in certain public interest positions in the United States may be eligible for both federal work study and law school funding.

Student Information

Please refer to the 2017 Summer Federal Work Study and Law School Funding Program Guidebook if you are looking to acquaint yourself with the application process or to understand how an award may impact your financial aid package. From there, please contact the CDO with questions you may have.

Federal Work Study: A First Come, First Served Program

Every year, Financial Aid allocates a specific number of summer federal work study slots to the law school to students working for public interest organizations serving the community, students working in government, and students working for judges. Students receiving federal work study funding will get $3000 in taxable income over their summer.

In a typical year, the law school is given 90 federal work study slots. Those 90 slots are allocated on a first come, first served basis and once those 90 slots have been filled, the program is full and Financial Aid will not give any additional applicants federal work study funding. The CDO begins accepting federal work study program paperwork, and the line to get one of the 90 slots begins filling, on February 2. You are in line to get federal work study funding once you submit your completed student and agency agreements to Heidi Baguer. If your agency has changes to make to your agency agreement and the CDO is working with the General Counsel to review those changes, just inform the CDO and we will put you in line. Last year, the 90 slots were filled on April 2 so if you want to maximize your chances of getting federal work study funding, plan to get your paperwork in well before that date. All applicants turning paperwork in after the 90 slots have been filled will be moved to the waitlist. Every year, several students come off the waitlist.

Financial Aid makes all determinations regarding federal work study eligibility.

Law School Funding

All Notre Dame students working in unpaid positions for public interest organizations, judges, and for the government are eligible for $1000 in law school funding. To receive law school funding, you must turn in your student and agency agreement to Heidi Baguer by April 12.

Employment Forms

All students receiving federal work study funding or law school funding need to become employees of the University of Notre Dame. If you are not already an employee of the University, you will need to complete the required forms to become an employee at Notre Dame’s Human Resources office, located at 200 Grace Hall. When you go to Grace Hall, you will need to bring all accompanying materials, which includes required documentation to complete your I9 (e.g., U.S. Passport or Driver’s License plus either Social Security Card or Birth Certificate). These forms are located online at You cannot leave campus without taking your passport to HR as they must receive it in person

You cannot complete forms to become an employee until HR has put all summer positions in their system, which they will do in Mid-April. They will send individual emails to each student letting you know when your position is in the system and when you are eligible to fill out your employment paperwork.

2017 Federal Work Study and Law School Funding Important Dates

January 30: CDO will host a lunch-time presentation outlining the Federal Work Study program.

February 2: First date the CDO will accept Federal Work Study forms. Turn in all Federal Work Study forms (agency and student agreements) to Heidi Baguer in the CDO.

ASAP and Prior to March 1: File 2016 taxes so IRS can generate a PIN for electronically-filed taxes, auto-completing your FAFSA.

Spring Break: Bring back forms needed to complete employment paperwork: (1) passport or (2) driver’s license and birth certificate or social security card.

March 31: Deadline for filing 2017-2018 FAFSA

March: Month to turn your student and agency agreement in to have the best chance of getting Federal Work Study

April 2: Date the 90 Federal Work Study slots filled up last year

April 12: Final date CDO will accept agency and student agreements for federal work study. Please be aware that if you wait until this day to turn in your paperwork that it is very likely the federal work study program will already be full.

April 13: First day that financial aid begins putting student summer jobs in their system

April 13: Eligible students who have received an email from HR can begin to complete employment forms online at insideND and visit HR to provide supporting documentation for I-9. HR will send individual emails to each student letting you know when your position is in the system and when you are eligible to fill out your employment paperwork. You cannot fill out your employment forms until you receive that email from HR.

May 1: Student and agency agreements (with program description) are due to CDO for Law School Funding.

Early May: The CDO will send out emails about applying for student organization awards.

Early May: Office of Financial Aid informs students of decisions regarding Federal Work Study.

May 12: Deadline to complete employment forms (I9, W4, WH4, direct deposit form). If you are unable to complete your employment forms by May 12, you can still receive the summer funding but you absolutely must complete your employment forms before leaving campus.

Please note that the federal work study and law school funding are taxable.

For questions regarding pay schedule, please contact the CDO at 574-631-7542.


All students must turn in an agency and student agreement in order to receive the Law School Funding. Turn in your agency and student agreements to Heidi Baguer in the CDO. Pay careful attention to the list of agency agreements below and make sure you select the correct one. There is a separate agency agreement for judicial employers and some organizations, such as the DOJ and several state Attorney General offices, which have negotiated their own agreements. Most students will fill out one of the first two agreements.

Students will also need to fill out the Midpoint Hours Verification Form and the Final Hours Verification Form.

2017 Federal Work Study Approval Process

Federal Work Study Process Flow Chart

Agency Agreements for Federal Work Study

+ Agency Agreement for Judicial Employers
+ Agency Agreement for non-profits and all other employers
+ Agency Agreement for the Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Section
+ Agency Agreement for the California Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General
+ Agency Agreement for the City of Chicago Department of Law
+ Agency Agreement for Connecticut Attorney General
+ Agency Agreement for the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement, Office of the Chief Counsel (Chicago, IL) and Governmental Affairs Committee
+ Agency Agreement for the District of New Jersey, United States District Court
+ Agency Agreement for the Executive Office of Immigration Review
+ Agency Agreement for the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee
+ Agency Agreement for the New York State Attorney General’s Office
+ Agency Agreement for the Superior Court of Arizona in Maricopa County
+ Agency Agreement for the Transportation Security Administration
+ Agency Agreement for the United States Attorney’s Office, Central District of California
+ Agency Agreement for the United States Attorney’s Office, Eastern District of New York
+ Agency Agreement for the United States Attorney’s Office, Northern District of Ohio
+ Agency Agreement for the University of North Carolina Athletic Department
+ Agency Agreement for the Western District of Pennsylvania, United States District Court

Agency Agreement for Law School Funding

+ Agency Agreement for Only Law School Funding

Student Agreements

Student Agreement for Class of 2018
Student Agreement for Class of 2019

Am I eligible for the federal work study?

Because the student’s work must be considered “community service” to be eligible for federal work study, the nature of the students’ work is key when determining whether it is eligible for federal work study. Employers qualifying for federal work study funding come from three categories:

(1) Non-profits

(2) Governmental bodies (including prosecutors and judges)

(3) Community-based agencies

For more information on what constitutes a non-profit and eligibility guidelines for federal work study review the federal work study and law school funding guidebook. Then, if you still have questions, contact All final eligibility determinations are made by the Office of Financial Aid.

Am I guaranteed federal work study funding? When must I apply to the program to be guaranteed a spot?

Financial aid cannot guarantee any student federal work study. Your ability to participate depends on whether your employment is eligible and how early you turn in your agency and student agreements. Each year, financial aid allocates a certain number of spots in the federal work study program to the law school. Financial Aid has not yet told us how many slots we have this year. Last year we had 90. Students are admitted into the program on a first-come, first-served basis and the CDO receives federal work study paperwork from February 2 through May 1. The closer you get to April, the more likely it is that the program is closer to filling up. Once the law school’s allocated federal work study slots from financial aid have been filled, additional applicants will be based on the waitlist. Every year, at least some waitlisted students end up receiving federal work study funding. The earlier you submit your paperwork, the better your chances.

I am not taking out loans. Can I still get federal work study?

Maybe. Fill out your FAFSA and Financial Aid will tell you if you are eligible. Every year, several students who have never taken out loans apply for federal work study and receive it.

I do not have a summer job yet. Can I enroll for Law School Funding or Federal Work Study?

Unfortunately, you cannot. Financial aid must approve each student’s federal work study award and they cannot do that until they have an agency agreement from you. You, of course, cannot fill out your agency agreement until you know the agency where you will work. If you want to receive federal work study but have not secured a summer job, come see a counselor in the CDO and we will help you research organizations and create a job search strategy.

I turned in my agency and student agreements. When will I be able to fill out my employment paperwork?

The absolute earliest date that any student can fill out employment paperwork is April 13 because that is the first date that financial aid begins putting summer jobs in their system. Financial aid cannot put jobs into their system until the CDO has your agency and student agreement, which means you cannot fill out your employment paperwork until you turn your agency and student agreement in to the CDO. You will know you can fill out your employment paperwork when HR sends you an email telling you that you can do so.

How do I know if I have been formally approved for Federal Work Study and Law School Funding?

The CDO will send you an email letting you know. The Office of Student Employment and Financial Aid will likely also send you emails that contain language involving “community service award.” Do not be confused by this email. If the CDO has told you that you are approved, you are approved. Please note that you cannot be formally approved until you have filled out your I-9, had your passport copied by HR, and filled out your direct deposit and W4 form online. If you want to double check and make absolutely sure that you will get paid on May 31 or June 15 (the first payment date depends on the start date listed on your agency agreement), call HR at 574-631-5900 to ensure you are an employee of the university.