Tax and Estate Planning Institute

The 40th Annual Notre Dame Tax and Estate Planning Institute will take place on November 13th and 14th, 2014, in South Bend at the Century Center.

Since estate planning is one of the few practice areas clients deal with well in advance, the estate planning profession has a unique opportunity to introduce income tax planning opportunities. Several sessions will explore the use of estate planning techniques for income tax planning, such as assignment of income to taxpayers in lower marginal income tax brackets, state income taxes, deferral of reporting income, sheltering investment income from income taxation and using the tax-free step-up in basis at death for appreciated assets. Several sessions will focus on mistakes that may arise with common techniques, risks certain techniques pose and potential flaws inherent in certain techniques. These sessions will also explain concepts that can be misunderstood or that commentators commonly get wrong (or exaggerate).

A copy of the 2013 Brochure are available online. If you have any other questions about the Institute, please contact Dawn Boulac Howard at (574) 631-2616 or