Application Fee Waiver


Application Fee Waiver

Applicants to the Juris Doctor program are required to pay an application fee, except that there is not a fee for applicants completing the Notre Dame Law School Application form. Our application fee waiver policies and procedures are noted below.

To apply for a fee waiver please complete the Fee Waiver Request Form. We will begin reviewing requests for Fall 2016 applicants when the LSAC application opens September 1, 2015. A fee waiver will be sent to you via email. All fee waivers expire on March 15, 2016 when the LSAC application closes.

Notre Dame Law School Application
The Notre Dame Law School Application comes with an automatic fee waiver for all applicants. Please note that while the application fee is waived, the Law School cannot waive any fees associated with services rendered by LSAC (ie, submitting CAS reports, sitting for the LSAT, etc.).

LSAC Need-based Fee Waiver
The Law School Admissions Council offers need-based fee waivers to those with extreme financial need. This waiver grants the applicant two free LSATs, registration to the Credential Assembly Service (CAS), four CAS Reports, and an LSAT preparation book. Candidates can find further information about this waiver here. Notre Dame will grant an application fee waiver to any applicant who has received a need-based fee waiver from LSAC.

Notre Dame Need-based Fee Waiver
An applicant for admission to the Notre Dame Law School who DOES NOT obtain a fee waiver from LSAC may request a need-based fee waiver directly from Notre Dame.

Merit-Based Fee Waiver Request
To grant merit-based waivers, we utilize the LSAC Candidate Referral Service (CRS). If your information in the CRS system meets our criteria, you will receive an e-mail indicating that your application fee has been waived. To be eligible, you must participate in CRS, indicate with LSAC that you intend to enroll for Fall 2016, have at least one LSAT score on file, and have transcripts on file. Our CRS searches are updated on a monthly basis.

Service-Based Fee Waivers
We encourage applications from men and women who have participated for one or more years of full-time service in the U.S. Military, Alliance for Catholic Education, AmeriCorps, Jesuit Volunteer Corps, Peace Corps, or Teach For America. If you participated in such a service organization, we will waive your application fee.


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